Sunday, March 07, 2010

Your simplest 2-step formula for peace of mind…

I’ve found that it’s just too simple to get peace of mind at will. You just have to really want it, and then use Lester Levenson’s Sedona Methode (release techniques) to simply get exactly what you want.

This also means you can have all the Happiness and Freedom you can ever consider. Because these terms just really mean the same thing.

And it’s quite simple to do this. While it’s easier done than said, there is a simple two-step release process. But it’s a bit more of a Zen-related aspect to life, since you can easily get to where all those former worries just doesn’t seem to matter any more.

Simply: 1. You can accept whatever it is that's influencing you - accept it for being exactly what it is. 2. And then get the idea of letting it go.

With all the distractions that sound off all around us, this might be a good technique to keep in mind.

And any Master would simply say you are talking the obvious, so why talk at all?

It really is just that obvious.

This came up with all the earlier Lester Levenson material I was covering. Not that there's anything missing from Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskin's versions of this. It's just my method of study to dive right into the hard-core deep end of the pool before even learning to dog-paddle adequately.

Lester spend a long time – years, actually – studying everything he could in order to understand this state he achieved in only a few short months. So his explanations are full of quotes from swami's and prophets with equal abandon.

And while you are releasing all these negative thoughts to just be yourself, you also meanwhile learn how to get all the wealth, success, and loving relationships you could ever want as well. But the trick is to get beyond the “get rich quick” mindset (which Sedona helps you to do) and really concentrate on that peace of mind which money can’t buy.

You can also look at it this way: all the versions of the Golden Rule point out that you can get a great deal of help into your life – if you will only let them. Do this by welcoming and releasing.

Try this for your self for 30 days and see if you can't improve something by letting go.

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