Friday, December 25, 2009

Changing your life - 40 coached days at a time.

Here's a man-oriented book to change your life.
Yes, it's a book by men for men. And it tells how connecting to God will give you a lot of answers to what you are going through.

Why this attracted me is that there is a commonly held presence you can get into, which many people call the Zone. But it's common in Zen Buddhism, and many other philosophies and religions. So whatever you hold as this Entity (God, the Universe, Allah, etc.), it's still the same point (IMHO) that all these texts are covering.

Now, a key point I liked was something that could have come straight out of Haanel or Troward or the Gospels. How this book's authors put it:
"Be quiet, be still, and let God speak to you."
You'd also see this in "the Secret". So it's nothing particularly new or unusual. The point is to just let your spiritual side have a chance to talk to you. Of course, this book is written from a definite Protestant Christian view. And we then see a lot of personalizations of this Force through out the book. That's all well and good.

The key point is that someone has taken the time to help another minority - Christian males - to deal with the various uncertainties of life through developing their own faith and connection with a Source larger than their individual personalities.

Because the book is written with sports figures as examples, and every lesson plan has subdivisions titled in sports language (Coach's Corner, The Game Plan, Playmakers, etc.), this is a natural way to communicate that every male should also tend to his spiritual side and live a much greater life because of it.

And that is exactly what appealed to me in all this - that you can be greater than you are, that you can aspire to and attain higher goals, that the world around you can be helped to achieve a higher degree of perfection.

All as  you simply devote some time to connecting with the Divine on a regular basis. The 40-day plan is simply a very workable approach to help you through the changes which will occur as you do so.

My suggestion is to do all this program and then start over. Keep doing it until you have your life oriented the way you want it.

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