Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Will and Universe - where inspiration is born and thrives.

Let's tackle this head on - 
  • The Universe contains all knowledge, a repository for all data.
  • Free Will puts order into that data.
  • This is where genius and inspiration comes from
Genius is native and usual. Stupidity has to be worked at.

There is no teacher and student. In that scenario, the teacher is the stupid one. 

There is only teacher AND student. Both share roles. 

Goes back to the Huna: "There are no limits." We are all interconnected. (Which explains the Golden Rule.)

And the best way to learn (that I've found so far) is 
  1. Find the data you need
  2. Tell someone else about it who wants to get that data
  3. Write it out as a text or tutorial that someone who has never met you could understand.
Of course, you can see in this the old phrase, "Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, write textbooks."  Which is a cutative to the original idea - that you learn best when you pass it forward. 

Again, back to the Golden Rule - that you get as good as you give. So in order to recieve good data, you much be constantly teaching others - or passing good data along.

See, the Universe isn't coherent. It does run in established patterns, but by habit is chaotic. At least by our standards. Our Internet is a way of getting all this massive knowledge into use, making it available. 

I've been working with Internet scammers recently and they really don't know these rules and how they work. 

You see, in this Universe, every single person is an "Emperor has no clothes." 

When a company delivers truly shoddy merchandize, complaint boards will start aggregating data from that community. With the current setup on Google, new data always trumps - at least for awhile - old data. Social media then, is a continual flow and so ebbs and rises as tides. If you use social media to market your goods, then you have to constantly keep at it.

The difference between scammers and decent companies on these complaint boards is that good companies run slightly over 50% favorable on these boards. Scams run about 5% favorable (shills) and 95% unfavorable.

But a company can't really get on these complaint boards and boost their own rankings - simply because the more posts you put on a non-complimentary thread - the more this simply pushes that thread up. 

Any scam's real solution is to reform. Quick. 

But the community of complainers won't go away. Because they are a community of complainers. People will join and leave, yes. But the basic reason they are there is to contribute to the complaining community. 

If you want fewer complaints - give good products on a routine basis. And offer them at a value which is less than what they would be able to get that product for anywhere else. 

But figure that complaints are like the fact that heroes have fleas and no beauty queen is perfect. 

The downfall of a scammer is that they routinely rip people off. And so, as they are connected to everyone else, this then haunts them until they shut down. Doesn't matter what PR they have. 

I was working recently with some aggregators to collect up this data and then republish it on a manual basis through several outlets. Turns out this drove them nuts. Because I was able to find the dozen or more salient data already posted on the Net and match this up with the people and their contact data - then post this in a dozen original ways, so taking over top areas of the Google real estate. And of course, I then got attacked by these guys in defense.  And told them simply to give me my refund - which is mostly what I was after.

But you see, they were teaching me as well as I was teaching them.

Today, they'll come to work and fire up their searches to see what I posted over the weekend. I've just told them that their efforts to shut me up with bluster about their trademarks didn't work. And I taught them there how to improve their own stance on trademarks - as well as anyone else out there in how to shut them completely down. Completely.

That book I linked in the title (http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/genius---how-to-be-one-how-to-live-with-it/1716492) "Genius" - actually lays out exactly how to tap into this continuous flow of solutions to any problem you run into in life. 

And the test of it with these Scammers has proved it once again. But it's actually based on some very old writings - which are mostly ignored today. It's just that the Internet has brought them back into play. 

I can say clearly and confidently that Internet scammers are doomed. Like the poor, they will always be with us, as an ever-changing set of personalities. And, like the poor, they only have to change their decisions in order to move into being outrageously profitable and honestly helping the rest of humankind succeed and evolve.

Their choice.

Sure, I'm not going to be blogging about scammers forever. Once they pay me off, I'll be able to move onto other areas which are far more fascinating and rewarding. But this was an action I had to take - because intuition told me to. And I've learned more in a shorter period of time about myself and the way the world works than I could have through any study of books or classroom.

And I must have been teaching as I went (the reason I blog, no doubt) as I continued to get good data coming into me - that I could learn from. 

Those people I've met through this line have affected me as I've affected them. We've taught each other.  Scammers and Saints alike.

I figured I owed it to you to tell you how this scene works and why. 

Good Hunting!

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