Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The answers you get depend on the questions you ask

This is an old, old way of looking at things.

I never understood the Huna method of teaching - that the kahuna wouldn't tell the student an answer until they asked a question. Now, the kahuna might put the student into a learning situation or offer them a gift which could prompt questions - but that's a little different.

Not much, though.

In all cases, it was the student's responsibility to originate and pose the question based on their own background and understanding.

This is the way life itself works - how the Universe that surrounds us responds. 

If you are constantly seeking to learn, to find out - then all sorts of answers are available to you. And on many, many levels.

The story of Dr. Gates, which Napoleon Hill mentions in his Think and Grow Rich, is classic:
Dr. Gates had a room which could be made totally dark, with no external distractions. In that room he would sit with a pad of paper and his hand on the light switch, concentrating on the details of the Problem he was working to solve. He would sit there and concentrate until inspiration would hit - and then write down everything he was getting as fast as he could. 

This technique often brought about new approaches to working in materials and in theories of application - so much so that he was known for his body of patents. Needless to say, he was in great demand as a consultant.

Your own life goes this route, doesn't it? When you devote your energies to finding out something, only then do you get your answer. Sure, sometimes you have to relax and take your mind "off" of something in order to suddenly get an inspiration - and perhaps this is because you aren't living a relaxed life all the time...

But try this. Figure out what you really want and study all the details that you know about that thing or job or person you want to bring into your life. Really concentrate on every facet of that. Do it in a relazed frame of mind - like an easy chair in a room where you can be undisturbed - or at your desk with the phone on mute and the computer screen turned off.

See what comes into your mind as you do. Write all this down when you get that hint, that flash - and see what you have when you finish writing everything out.

Could be we just opened a door to your own fortunes, the ones that have been eluding you for some time...

Good Hunting! 

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