Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Competition is another lie designed to distract.

(I hope one in blue wins...)

Came to me that competition is a false term. In modern school sports, it's a great thing to have pretty equally-matched teams on a clean, nicely marked, mostly level (crowned slightly for run-off) playing field. Both start with clean uniforms that are mostly the same except for colors. And they have a set of rules to keep the playing fair.

Horrible training for life. Because nothing on this planet works like that. While members of the same species are "dressed" alike, that's more for mating purposes than to compete with other species.

Humankind, for instance, is a horrible competitor to the other species. If we don't hunt them to extinction, we generally plague them with our exhaust fumes, or cement highways, and metal vehicles which either smash them flat or cripple them in any collision.

But competition in itself is a lie.

Species do not compete with other species - they eat each other to survive. Humankind does the same with others of their own - eating them in a corporate sense, not (except rarely) a physical one.

Look at Microsoft's rise and dominance. Apple had a much better interface (which they copied from SPARC) and then Windows copied theirs. There were much better Disc Operating Systems (or Digital, whatever you prefer) than what Gates bought from a programmer to license to IBM.

But Gates knew how to play cutthroat poker and got the IBM Operating System license for their new line of Personal Computers. Sheer bluff. Didn't actually have the OS. Bought it later for $50K. A fortune at the time for those struggling programmers they bought it from.

I was going along with all my research on Internet scams and realized that trying to "compete" with them was a fool's errand. They were getting all this money by ripping people off with their false promises. When enough people complained, they simply packed up shop, declared bankruptcy so they didn't have to pay the rest of them, then started a new LLC or corporation with the same line of work, the same people, the same scams - just called something slightly different.

So it was a constantly moving target which mostly stayed in the shadows or moved back into them whenever the light shone on them. Paid off politicians to look the other way - everything like the racketeers they are. Almost as bad as the credit card companies...

But competition is never on a level playing field. Someone gets a product out there first and usually keeps the lead. Others whittle away at their flanks, but never take the big prize. And if they start getting close, the leader usually makes them a deal and buys out the management, folding that competitor into their side.

Sure, there are laws against this, but that practically doesn't matter. If the Feds don't approve it, you can always see that later, one "suddenly" goes bankrupt and then is bought up at fire sale prices by the market leader. There used to be two satellite radio services... And how did GM get so big? It's not just the Pontiac brand which bit the dust...

And how is Ford not being part of this bail-out? They have better ideas - like seeing this coming and re-negotiating their loans far ahead of this economic collapse. And as well, already shifting their production lines to be able to shift from trucks to cars in the same plant within a few weeks. Never done before in this industry. And they just reported they are probably going to be profitable next year.

How do they do this?

Not compete - it's create. You have to way out-think those people who are competing with you. But more than think - it's create. You have to pull great new ideas into your space and utilize them to build great new worlds.

Where do ideas come from? Well they don't grow on trees -- they grow within them.


Look, all inspiration comes from the Universal. Check out your Bible, New Testament, especially. All these New Thought guys, these "Secret" teachers, the ancient Vedic and Huna teachings. There's a river runs through this for everyone.

Around a year ago, I edited and compiled a book called Genius. Here, I searched for every article I could find which defined how a person became and harnessed their own native power of genius.

Turns out anyone could become one, and/or learn to live with that extreme talent.

The secret is that it all comes from within - and without, for that matter.

Same place your creativeness comes from. Mostly your application of Free Will with that great repository of all knowledge called the Universe.

And those who know this "secret" are way ahead of everyone else. The simplest explanation of those sentences above are in "The Secret" DVD, but also in Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" and also in Robert Collier's "Secret of the Ages".

No surprise that they all have the word "secret" in them - but the funniest thing is, as Nightingale says, it's no secret at all and writers have been talking about this since ancient times up to the present.

But back to our competition. If you really want to be outrageously successful, have fantastic wealth - don't try to compete with someone or some corporation. Simply create a better solution. And be more creative in marketing that solution.

And better than that fabled mousetrap - the Universe will flood you everything you could possibly want.

Try it and see.

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