Friday, September 26, 2008

How to spread the Word

How to spread the Word - about everything.

Just a (hopefully) short note. I'm just on the beginnings of jumping full-bore into promoting self help techniques and philosophies full time, flat out.

Because what I've discovered is the universal solvent. Given enough data, I can render an opinion and give a real process to resolve any particular problem facing anyone. (Otherwise, GIGO - garbage in, garbage out.)

Just based on Go Thunk Yourself self help series, and following years of corroborative cross-research, it shows that this can be done.

I've had to take a meandering approach to this, since I've needed to tear apart modern marketing and study up on those nuts-and-bolts in order to even start at this.

And it's seemed like some real distractions at times. But I've almost got all the runway paved now, engines tested, tires kicked, and the pilot chair is ready. A few more tweaks of the instrumentation and we'll take off.

For those (few) followers of this backwater blog, I'll give you the first notice.

Essentially, since I can talk about nearly anything, marketing this is pretty simple. It flows through social media channels, to the search engines, and then to people looking for solutions. So I can "take over" any number of long-tail niches and pull these viewers, shoppers, and buyers over to my "sales funnel" to support further marketing. Yes, I have some very big plans for all that dough - it goes right back into non-profit work for this local community and into building a base where I can get this message out even bigger, to millions simultaneously.

But for now, I've got some gauges that aren't telling me what I need to know, and some idiot lights to replace.

Later, then -- and Good Hunting! Pray Peace.

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