Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keyword Activism via Mini-Sites - Targeted Search

How ‘Mini-Funnel’ Websites Can Help You Increase Traffic, Generate Leads and Build Exposure:

"So the strategy is pretty clear-cut here. Create websites to answer specific search queries or deal with specific topics. Then use them to generate leads or send traffic to your home base.

Here are some elements which I think would really make these mini-sites work:

1. Single-issue. Deal with too many topics or questions and your webpage will lose its immediacy. It also makes sense, especially if you’re using a keyphrase domain name.

2. Reference-friendly. People link to Wikipedia pages because they provide an overview or in-depth info on a specific topic. A way to make your site more linkable is to make sure that it covers the issue in full, through original content and external links.

3. Novelty/Simplicity. A single-page website is easily digestible. Two or three more pages may be fine. Use up too many pages and you’ll end up losing the novelty factor and becoming a full site. You don’t have to just use black text on a white background. Clean, unique and topically relevant site designs will always help.

4. Viral components. To make people spread the word, encourage them by providing sharing options like an email-a-friend feature or link-to-me banners. Favorite tools that marketers have used include quizzes, videos and polls. Anything interactive."

Problem is domain-names and site-building are labor/time intensive.

Simpler way would be to build mini-webs via subdomain.domain.name, so your site comes up with subdomain as keyword - this then points to your ecommerce site as solution. Still would have to build with templates, which would probably sound off all sorts of spam alerts with search engines. However, if - like Squidoo - they simply build out of components... Another thought - build these mini-webs on Squidoo or similar. (However, Squidoo will take them down if left unattended - but they would be a great first start.)

Squidoo = breadcrumbs. And I've covered earlier about breadcrumb marketing...

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  1. This post is great. I enjoy the specific examples you have provided. Glad you enjoyed the tweets from the #mpdm. Have a great week, and talk soon. :)


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