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5 Keys to Success In Anything You Really Want

Here's 5 Success Keys to Getting Anything You Really Want

1. Seek the Silence daily.
2. Find your vision.
3. Plan your work.
4. Work your plan.
5. Build your support group.

I've studied thousands of self help books, recordings, lectures, transcripts, articles, blog posts, you name it - over the half century I've been on this planet. And they really only boil down to five key points anyone can use to improve their lives. Use these and you'll be able to achieve or acquire or accomplish anything. Anything.

These are nothing new. And you've heard them all before in one manner or another.

But this time: Write them down and put them on the wall in front of you - or on your computer monitor on a tabbie - or the ceiling above your bed (if that's where you do your best thinking). Memorize these and tell several people about them. Blog about them, Twitter them, Do a podcast or a video or stumble them. But get this word out.

Because they work. They always have, they always will. And if you want a better life, if you want someone around you to have a better existence or solve some problem, write out these five keys for them and tell them just what I told you.

I didn't invent these. They are as old as the hills - or older. But we can use them right now, today. And that's the point of writing this now.

1. Seek the Silence daily.

Some call it prayer, others meditation, others yet - just a quiet time, like a long walk in the woods or sitting in a favorite chair looking out on a scenic view. The point is to find a few points daily where you can sit in a quiet space, relax, and let your thoughts simply go. Get some peace.

As you get more peace into your life, you'll be able to work easier and more efficiently. You'll lead a calm, comfortable life. And good things will happen to you all the time.

Plus, the calm, the peace expands around you. You'll be helping people quit worrying and enjoy their lives more - all because you enjoy yours.

2. Find your vision.

Now, find out what you really like to do, what you really want to get into your life, what you would rather be doing if you didn't have to do anything else for a living. What you want to wear, how you want to look, how you want to feel.

Haanel, Wattles, Bristol, Peale, Shakespeare, Plato - the list is long. They all said this. Jesus and other religious phil0sophers, prophets, and sages all covered this.

Get a quiet time and figure out what it is you really want. Hill and Nightingale say to write this down on two little cards. Write it like it's already done - not, "I want a ....", but "I have a ...." One card goes on your nightstand by the bed. The other goes with you to work. Review this three times a day, preferably at the same time. Get the feeling of this being already there - how great, how satisfied, how grateful you feel for this showing up, being brought to you.

Thats' your next step. Take your time and work it out. You probably already have an idea. Go for it.

Then review it at least three times a day and every chance you get in between. The more you chew over your vision in your mind, the more details start to appear - and the more real it becomes. You'll get inspiration and intuitive insight on how to make it happen faster as you do.

2. Plan your work.

The trick in this is to plan out what you have to do in logical sequence - what has to happen first before something else can. Just lay out your ToDo list all in sequence. Simple steps - but only those things that you can do. And only write down the really vital things. It's not a grocery list or a wish list. It's a sequential series of steps you need to do to get the next part of your vision to actually occur around you.

You know what these steps are. Just write them down so you can work on them and get them done.

Nothing gets done in this universe without some sort of action taking place. Dreams remain just daydreams until you act on them.

So write them down so you can.

3. Work your plan.

Now, how you get these done is important.

You get them done one at a time. Period. Work on one thing and get it done. Then the next. And then the next after that and so on.

All multi-tasking is over-hyped. Computers only "multi-task" by working on one thing at a time for a short period of time each, and in rotation - and they slow down and crash when asked to work on too many things at once.

Sure, if you're waiting on something to finish, you can do something to fill in - but drop that and get back to finish what you started originally as soon as you can. Once that's done, then finish the next thing you started. Concentrate on getting what you started done - in the order you started it. And preferably, you can organize your life so that you don't have to start more than one thing at a time.

Yes, there is true multi-tasking. Put one computer doing one thing and another computer doing the second thing. In business, this is called hiring more people. Two people can do two things at once - one works on one thing, the other works on the other thing.

Just the way this universe is laid out. Penalties for routinely trying to "multi-task?" Nervous breakdowns - a "crash". Computers are modeled after human thought, after all. They can only "think" as good as we can. Take the hint. Work your own list from the top down. Only.

If you don't get it all done that day? Put it in your pocket and bring it back to work the next day. When you do get it all done, lay out the next steps you need to do. And then work this list from the top down. Keep the same list and check it off. Don't re-write it every day. Just do it, complete it. There's always more paper ready when you start your next list.

Another point - how do you go at this? Calmly, cheerfully, and expectantly. Like everything you want is going to show up shortly - you are just "clearing the decks" so that it has a place to set when it does. Remember the first step - get your own peace happening daily. And let the world revolve around you for a change.

4. Build your support group.

Surround yourself with people, books, recordings, articles, blogs, etc. that share your vision or some part of it.

These are mentors, mastermind group, accountability partners - they go by many names. The point is that you have some point, great or small, of your vision in common. And that's the point that you cover with them. Because you are helping them to achieve their own vision - their own purpose.

Move the rest off somewhere or let them drift away. You only want to concentrate on these few which you can directly help and they can help you. Seems harsh, but it doesn't have to be. Factually, you'll find that as you concentrate on your purpose, your vision, the people you need will start showing up in your life and all the distractions will start dropping away.

Your job is to simply concentrate on your vision and get their advice and support for that part of your vision they can contribute to. Don't bother them with the whole rest of it - keep that to yourself and someone who has that in common with you. No two people are exactly the same, even twins. No two people will have the exact same set of mastermind partners. But people can mesh and coincide at certain points. That's what you share with them - and help them with their similar point.

Remember the old adage - "You can't get without giving." Some say to give first in order to get what it is you want. And there is the best type of giving - open-handed with no expectation of a return. If you want success in your life, look around you and find someone you can help be more successful. For free. Sure you have your business - but every time you do something for someone else, give them a little more than they expected, like Wattles suggested a century ago, and as the Good Book said a few thousand years ago. Give in abundance and abundance will return to you.

It's just the way this universe is set up. (And why criminals and critical people live such awful lives. ) And why smiles are contagious.

- - - -

So there you have it. Write these down and memorize them. Get it so you can count these off on one hand (or your toes, if that's the way you count). Just five points. Reword them anyway you need to so they are easy for you to remember.

Get these going in your life and you really can't be anything but an outrageous success from here on out. Sure, I could write (and have written) books about this area - and so many, many people have throughout history.

The point is that these five points are all you need - and you can work out the rest, or whatever additional advice will come to you as you need it.


1. Seek the Silence daily.
2. Find your vision.
3. Plan your work.
4. Work your plan.
5. Build your support group.

Or - Prayer--Goal--Plan--Work--Group

You see how it goes? Have fun with this!

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