Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Holographic Universe

a short research note...
Our Universe is Holographic - only the people in it are 2-Dimensional

Because the people in it have bought into all that they were taught. And that teaching has encompassed their entire lives -- still goes on today, all around them. So don't be too sorry for them. After all, you and are are just as much their teachers as they are ours...

Ok, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Back to basics: Strangest Secret/Napoleon Hill - "We Become What We Think About."

Means the entire world around us (see Thomas Troward/Genevieve Behrend) is a necessary illusion. Everything out there, beyond our thoughts -- all that was created BY OUR THOUGHTS.

No, you don't have to accept this as fact, at least until you've tried this for yourself (and believe me, results may vary...).

Now, I've read and followed authors who said the brain structure is holographic, following Bohm and Pribram (as described by Michael Talbot).

Like other Quantum Physicists, Bohm found himself literally in all his experiments -- there is no detached observer when you get right down to the smallest, tiniest particles. What you think happens happens. (See "What the Bleep do we know?" DVD.)

Now, research down this line also showed that cells a continent away will have instantaneous reaction when another part of them is affected in some manner.

The explanation for this is that all parts of us are in constant communication with all other parts. And what this brings in is the constant reminders of a Panentheistic God - meaning that Supreme Entity is part and parcel of everything and everyone. Which explains that "knows all", "is everywhere" concept.

That's kind of spooky. But it has its advantages. For instance, you can ask at any time for guidance - and you'll get an instantaneous answer if your listening, or at least one in some form you can accept.

I've long worked at wrapping my wits around this one - but finally dropped into a model the other day. Actually, I was just following in Talbot's footsteps - and he's written a book on this.

This model then explains partially how God works through our lives - because every part of us contains all the data of the entire universe. And so you have all the information known anywhere - right in every single cell of your body.


1) Seek the Silence - put your question into the space between your thoughts, and be still - listen for the answer. If you don't get it right away, figure that it will manifest at some other time - once you get everything lined up so you can understand the answer.

2) Per Haanel, Troward, and others - God works on the big stuff, individuals work on the smaller items. Each needs the other to get their job done. God's job is harmony, the individual is set on their own, single melody. That's the purpose for Free Will. Lesson here: keep your vision in front of you (Hill's "burning desire").

3) Ask for input and work your own vision into a greater harmony with others around you. This actually explains the reason the Golden Rule works. And why everything comes back to you - as described in various religious and philosophy texts.

4) Learn the lessons you are handed. As covered in many, many sources, everything seems to happen to you for a reason. Every stray thought that passes through your head - in spite of the most disciplined mind - shows up because it needs more digestion and evaluation. One of your jobs - if you seek to live more comfortably - is to learn to digest these data and get the lessons from them. (Hawaiian shamans had four methods of evaluating the world around them: Objective, Subjective, Symbolic, and Holistic.) Brings us back to the point that all of us are both teachers and students simultaneously. And as we are learning constantly, we are teaching constantly - and both students and teachers our entire life.

So - have fun!

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