Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mr. Bond's Most Powerful and Secret Weapon

As our hero brandished this weapon, the mass of his enemies fell down - laughing and giggling uncontrollably...

It seems that the most powerful weapon, one which has no defense - is humor, cheerfulness, optimism. This weapon has many names, but the inevitable result is a smile to the face and warmth to the heart.

Because it runs on unmitigated and unconditional Love. 99 88/100ths percent pure.

What aims this? Courage and Faith (which are essentially the same thing, as well).

Why is it so powerful? Because that is what this universe is actually composed of - that and it's lack.

If everyone loved and understood each other, would it then dissolve? No, you see there are levels above this one which are still not understood enough to be loved unconditionally.

There is no real evil - just a disorganized scene where those who don't understand treat each other inefficiently and poorly (with bad taste). Yes, this can result in death. But short of dismemberment, any sheerly physical scene can be cured with a change of environment, rest, some gradient exercise (physical therapy), and lots of loving care.

And the brainwashing? Temporary in result. Left to itself, it fades in years. Given a sufficient attention with mild therapies such as artwork, or understanding and tolerant listening - where it can be expressed through outlets in both cases -- that time of stress can be alleviated in short order. Some drugs might be called for at first to ease the transition, but they are no cure - only the mind itself can cure any residual mental stress, and that through re-association with love, care, understanding.

Some rail against psychiatry for its ineffectiveness. However, you can't really just use one small field of science (which is imperfectly studied as they neglect the spiritual) as any basis for healing. The drugs they've caused to be developed are of temporary use - extended use will cause nutritional deficiencies, which then bring on other symptoms. Like the occasional aspirin for an extreme twinge - they have their uses. Short ones - and only professionally administered.

But there is another professional you have to have in attendance at all times. That is someone representing the spiritual side of this coin. The priest, pastor, the metaphysician - anyone who actually knows how the spirit works and moves in and around a person. You can't cure a person with any known science alone. But the body has been healed in miraculous and near-miraculous ways once the spiritual side of any person's ills or bodily discomfort was addressed.

We won't go into the chronically ill or insane here. Only to state that others have and many published books are available which show numerous instances where the physical sciences alone couldn't effect a cure until the spiritual sector was brought in to complete the job. Certainly when you have a major fracture or blood-loss, physical repair is needed first. And to complete the job, call in the spiritual practitioner. Then the healing can proceed speedily - and might even wind up better than the original.

The top line tool of the spiritualist anyone can use - and everyone should.

Because it's humor - getting people to laugh at themselves and each other. To take a brighter approach to life, to see how they can help cheer people up and help them to be more prosperous and efficient in living.

That's all our actual job. It isn't the one we're working at. It's the one we need to do every waking hour - concentrate on being constantly optimistic and effectively so. The results of this insidious weapon is a continuing and constant smile on the face of everyone surrounding you.

Doesn't mean you have to be a top-notch comedian - though some are quite good at it. But the helpful smile, the courteous gesture, repeating a time-worn and tasteful joke at the right moment - these things oil the friction parts of society and make it run marvelously.

You won't hear about this on the news or in the cinema - they sell doom and destruction, and this would (per their reasoning) mess up a pretty good racket.

But ask anyone who is constantly cheerful if the world wouldn't be a better place if everyone was so...

Try it and see. Bet you can't do it for 30 days straight!

But that's what Earl Nightingale and others suggested you do. And he was known to be one of the calmest, cheerful, and effective persons you ever met.

Try it and see for yourself.

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