Monday, March 24, 2008

New message - we're all in this together, far more than we ever thought...

I've covered a great deal of ground since I started these blogs. And I'm sure-positive that there is a far greater set of ground to cover in front of me...

And I don't know that single blog post will convey all that I've just experienced.

You'd have to check out Go Thunk Yourself, S'More! to get a great deal of what I'm about to say, since that is the jumping-off point for much of this.

Per Serge King, we dream all the time. And one of the best uses for dreams is to help you figure out how to accomplish your vision. Now "The Secret" tells you to leave the "Hows" up to the universe, just concentrate on the endpoint, what you want.

However, when this is vague, you can ask for guidance.

I usually do it when I drift off to sleep. Review my visions, review my day's progress, ask for help or decided what to concentrate on during that night's sojourn. You see, while the body rests, I know that the mind keeps going. And the delta-wave-state is where most of your really great mental work is done - but most of the time, we can't recall what we did there (maybe because it's beyond having to have thoughts at all...)

So I ask before I sleep, then recall the dream when I wake - analyze this through the 4 methods (subjective, objective, symbolic, holistic).

This am, it was a resolution of the greatest job in the world - the one perfect for me.

What that is isn't germane at this point - but I just wanted to let you know that there is a simple way to access the wealth of data that surrounds you and enfolds you.

The secret is told over and over in all these books I talk about and publish: Spend some time daily just relaxed and quiet, seeking peace.

What method you use - prayer, meditation, affirmations, "seeking your level" - doesn't matter. Use the one most effective for you. The important part is that you make this part of your daily routine - several times each day if you can.


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