Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Great Conspiracy Against Ability and Genius

Genius and Ability have been conspired against - keep them stupid, barefoot, and plumb out of new business ideas.

I was looking around my office as I watched one of these over-hyped TV shows - and found that we both were operating with multiple monitors.

Why this is interesting is not status, but the ability to get things done. I have three machines and four monitors. (Means three keyboards and mice).

1) A design machine, where its better to have the menus to OpenOffice and Photoshop over on another monitor. Also, I use it to run my article submitter program, which pauses occasionally and has to be nudged.
2) My server, which is Linux-based, and so doesn't pause at all. I wasn't going to use this monitor (since you can access Linux remotely for anything a server has going), but it is underused for just file serving - and has a powerful CPU.
3) My printer server, which also does downloads and uploads. You see, Windows printers need a Windows O/S to serve them. And using USB enables multiple printers for a single machine - taking the load off my design machine.

Now, this isn't to gloat, or spin your head with technical details.

What this reminded me of was the fact that people operate on multiple levels at the same time. It's routine for everyone, actually. A native talent.

You walk and chew gum, right? That's two things at once.

Now this isn't multi-tasking like Windows does. Computers only do one thing at a time, but they do it in rotation, giving a little slice of time (more or less) to every task you assign it. When it runs out of operating memory, it stashes stuff on the hard drive - which is where it slows down. To start working back on that first program when it's finished allocating time to that twentieth program, it has to pull that data back off the hard drive and stash some of the stuff it just worked on in memory, back onto the hard drive.

To make matters worse, Windows (and also Linux and MACs) runs some stuff in the background which you don't see, but are necessary for housekeeping. (You can just find out what these are easier in Linux.)

Now, people don't work this way.

They really do operate several things at the same time. Chewing gum/walking above is a simple example. Now, I won't include body functions in this one, since there are so many different theories which all are provable. (But you can take over and control any of these if you want to, meaning that we are or can be in control of these as we want to.)

But you can ride a bike, chew gum, watch out for traffic, hum a tune, and think about your lover all at the same time. That's five things.

Just found a book by Harry Kahne, called Multiple Mentality Course. He shows how you can work on several thought processes at the same time. I've seen another illustrated book which shows a person actually balancing on his head while he held a piece of chalk in each hand, another taped to each foot - and he was writing the alphabet with each extremity meanwhile! (Let you know when I find that link...)

But our public school systems (which were modeled on the Prussian system used to train armies) contantly tell you to limit your attention to that one source of data in front of you. And they turn out pretty good factory assembly line workers, but has a piss-poor (pardon my French) record of turning out flaming geniuses.

Factually, as of a few years ago, four of the top five richest men on the planet were all "college drop-outs". And where are our spelling bee and geography bee winners coming from? Home schooling. So don't go to the government to get your next breakthrough...

But as I covered in the research I worked up on "Genius" book, the secrets to making (or recovering your own) genius is not something difficult or arcane. And it's not particularly even heredity. It does take a certainty in self and a high self-esteem. So it's natural that it falls into the metaphysical worlds of self help, self improvement, and personal development.

If you set out to look up the authors from that Genius book, or look up Kahne's book or similar ones which now can be found easily through various sites - all in the public domains - you could then work up and practice exactly how to recover all your genius abilities.

And believe me, there is no limit to genius. There are no limits to expanding your abilities.

Thought I'd make this a record of note. As I get inspired, I'll blog more for you. Good luck.

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