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The Secret, Which Happens After Clearing - Only One Person Knew

There's something left out of  the "Scam Free" book you need to know.

know about transference after clearing - living for others
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It's the point of living for others.

Maslow found this and called it "Self-Transcendence." It came later than his main hierarchy of needs and is little understood.

ST = Self-Transcendence
Maslow's pyramid - the Hierarchy of Needs

And the people who describe it have trouble with it - because it doesn't follow the laws and means commonly used on the rest of this hard-fought planet.

In that state, people live for everyone else. Their success is your success. This is another clear statement of the Golden Rule again. Which of course goes back to the Huna "There are no limits - we are all connected."

It is what happens when you follow "Freedom Is - (period.)" for your self. Once you become "hootless" about the world as it exists, you start to build the world which might be.

One article says they might even make poor leaders (although they say it needs more study.) Jesus would make a good example of a transcendent leader - you note that the actual organization was left to Paul, his disciples left only Gospels attributed to them (but written hundreds of years after they passed.)

There are other examples of self-transcended individuals, but they are harder to find, as they tend to leave no trace of themselves. No politician has ever or will be transcendent. ("Render unto Caesar...") Most religions are not filled with these. People who found religions are not this way - however close they may become.

The other point you can find, is that people will chose to move in and out of this state in order to get something done or accomplished. Like this writing. The inspiration for it doesn't write the words, but does tend to "sit on my shoulder" and dictate the words.

You go Clear by releasing everything that's valued, and then keep living on this planet in a transcendent state. Anything and everything you need comes to you, and living becomes a complete joy - effortless. Because you are no longer living for yourself, but are living to help others improve their lives.

It's a tough battle, believe me. 99% of the people on this planet only want to be entertained - or so they think. But eventually, everyone here will become self-transcendent. It's just going to take most of them a very, very long time.

What we can do to speed this up is to understand what passes for entertainment, find the systems underneath this, and then produce works which will move people toward that goal. Shakespeare was probably the best at this, although Dickens may have been well along this line, as was Asimov. Any over-prolific author is in this area, simply because that much imagination has to be tapped into regularly, which keeps them in tune with the spiritual.

Shakespeare has all sorts of hidden data in his works, which are quoted as much or more than Aesop. (If you wanted a great project, start translating these into modern English - enlightening, and a great way to learn writing.)

The best explanation of self-transcendence was found in "Personality & Spirituality" blog:
Maslow noticed that many of them frequently have, and deliberately seek, some other kind of experience. Something extraordinary.
Maslow termed these peak experiences. They are profound, life-altering moments of love, understanding, happiness, bliss. They are moments in which one feels radically more whole, more completely alive, more aware of truth, beauty, goodness, and so on.
Self-actualizing people have many such peak experiences and eventually feel inspired to actively seek them, extend them and stabilize them. Hence, Maslow added the goal of self-transcendence as the final level, the capstone of the pyramid. The desire is to go beyond our ordinary human level of consciousness and experience oneness with the greater whole, the higher truth, whatever that may be.

You can see this is also described in the first chapter of Lao Tzu's Tao - "The Way." There are no words to describe or define what occurs there. That entire book is an attempt to do so. (Not too surprising that it's probably a compilation, much like Aesop's fables.)

The approach is to live your life from there on out constantly in a state of Zen, living in the "Zone" continually, going from one Peak Experience to the next.

Everything that happens in your life is an inspiration to yet another revelation.

Those are the four ways of analysis found in Huna, which (like releasing) become an always-on approach to living (subjective, objective, symbolic, holistic).

And there you have it.

Dumped a ton of stuff on you to digest today.

You're welcome.

Again - it really boils down to this:

Just Be.


PS. Here's that Scam Free book for your study: 

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