Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reprogramming through "Mystic Marketing"

Unfortunately for all my "have to" list on taking care of business, I sat down this week and compiled/edited another book - called "Mystic Marketing Guide".

This book was, of course, to scratch my own itch - and probably yours as well.

I have been studying marketing, all those nuts and bolts of how it's done online. Now for all this, while interesting, it wasn't very satisfying. Once I wrapped this up (and it's all in a single volume, plus some smaller ones - called Online Millionaire Plan) - I still wasn't satisfied.

You see, I come from a long line - in this life's work - of philosophic study and work for humanity instead of personal gain. While I've seen that you have to include personal gain in it (you are able to help a lot more people if you have a lot of money - and people value something according to its dollar value as well as word of mouth), it doesn't mean that I'm still not working at how to get something done which benefits the world at large.

And so it was with marketing.

For all the books I've edited, I ran across Atkinson's and some tapes on Silva UltraMind, plus some fascinating work which Napoleon Hill mentioned, Bristol's Magic of Believing, and a few more. They were talking about how to communicate to people at a distance, even broadcast your message to those people who wanted to hear it. This was everything these modern marketers wanted to hear - and it's even cheaper than e-mail.

Of course, the kicker is that you have to personally do it. You can't take the easy way out of getting a list of emails and loading it into a computer and then sending it out automatically.

The reader actually has to believe in what they're reading and try it for themselves. And work at it on a continuous basis in order to get any good.

If you cross-combine all these authors and throw in the Silva stuff, plus a liberal dose of Huna, then you start seeing that we are all connected - and you can use this connection to communicate and help people at a distance.

Now I've tried this before as a simple experiment when I was at a festival - and wound up selling more than I ever had before or since. I just used Silva techniques along with Huna breathing practices to send a broadcast out to people telling them I had the items they wanted for sale that next day. And - just before I was going to shut down - this car rolled up with several ladies who bought my framed pictures. Most everyone else had shut down and I had actually started packing up some of my smaller items. But then these ladies rolled up and got what they wanted - in the "nick of time".

My research techniques usually have a control pattern as well. I'll try something and then not try it for awhile - just go back to living my life in my "normal" patterns. And my regular operation has to do with a great deal of intuitive inspiration (I'm an artist, after all). So I can be working on something and then put it away for awhile and pick it up later.

The need arose for me to incorporate all I'd studied in this nuts and bolts internet marketing world, but get back to what I loved, which was reading all this old philosophers and boiling them down to useable, common patterns - like I started off in my Go Thunk Yourself! book series.

That's where this came up.

While I was at my day job, the idea came up to do a book on this - to pull out the chapters and sections these many authors had written about how to communicate at a distance - and roll this all into a book called "Mystic Marketing" (I had to add the word "guide" when I found that someone had a business called exactly that.)

And then when I sat down to do this week's marketing, it just kept pounding me to get that up and running on Lulu.

You see, there is a funny kicker to this book, as I mentioned above. In order to market mystically, you really have to start re-programming your life. You have to work for the greater good of humanity and to help other people with a great product, and as well to cheer people up around you constantly. You are really going to be improving your life all over the place, as well as those around you. You're going to be improving all the personal relationships you have and as well be meeting people through synchronistic events that you can help and can help you.

All in the name of creating a market for your product.

Hope you like it. I think I will. And if it goes the way it should - there's plenty of material for a sequel...

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