Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New book on "Genius" in the offing - intuition, inspiration, and how to live with it

Got inspired while proofing a recent book, Mystic Marketing. Seems Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) had a great deal to say about genius.

The problem has always been (for me, at least): what do you do with all this talent?

As many, the problem is not getting talent, it's using all of them. Not that you are trying to show off or even just use everything you have. But the problem is that there just are no limits in any direction - save only the physical ones of not currently having enough money to fund the researches I'd love to try.

But all these books I've been studying (and as well, having more show up, like the Secret DVD), simply reinforce the scene that nothing is impossible to achieve or acquire.

Then, for the genius, you then see that you have no limits to what you can resolve or figure out.

The question then comes, well - what are you waiting for?

Answer: A direction to go.

And so I composed and edited another book from the great selections I've amassed on my server and local computer network. That gives me a chance to study genius and figure out what I should be doing with all this talent and stuff.

Because I can't just say, "I'm too busy sorting out all the answers I'm getting to take time with yet another problem you may have."

There is a life to be lead, in here as well as out there. Now, just looking over all that I've amassed, I have tons of material to study and review for the next few years. And I'll be kept quite amused with all this - and able to make my own personal progress.

But that isn't enough. What service am I to this world? What can I do for others that will help them out? And how is this best done?

For myself, this is the last book I'm going to edit down this line. Next I'm moving over into illustration. I'll be editing short story books, in order to add in my illustrations. Eventually, I'll move over into writing my own stories, taking the plot and characters from the public domain - much as Disney did. And these will move into animations.

Now I still have a great deal to do with the books I've already published. Each of these cry out for full courses and lots of audio commentary with matching PowerPoint presentations. And there are online seminars to deliver. My learning will continue through my own teaching. Plus there are also radio interviews to give.

And there are books I would republish just so I could study them in a usable format. (Too many of these have been offered in an 8x11 letter-sized format, which are hard to read on-screen - 6x9, two-up, reads much more easily.) But these are simply some additional works I'd float up and around, so that others could make use of my ability to re-publish books.

But today - it's over to the subject of genius.

In addition, the over-agressive dogs across the street broke the leg of my too-territorial (and much smaller) dog this morning. So this tears me up. My dog is at the vet and I'm all too-tempted to get a slingshot to give a lesson to those dogs across the street. (A bee-bee gun would look too threatening.) The object is to keep them off our lawn and re-establish our dog's territory. Also, I can't drive down to the end of our driveway without the neighbor's dogs barking and carrying on.

Looks on the outside that it is a scene of justice, of enforcing the peace on too-agressive dogs. However, my other dog has no problem coming and going off their property, since it gets along with everyone. Got to pray/meditate over this to do the right thing. (Meanwhile, I've gotten that slingshot...)

Turned out to be a compound fracture, breaking all the bones in that leg, just above the foot. Only the skin was holding the leg in place. Yes, the neighbors will hear about this one.

- - - -

And what do I learn from this? Recall that in Huna, there are four methods of learning from any incident: subjective, objective, symbolic, and holistic.

Those lessons are still coming in. Personally, you can see I've been upset by this. Practically, I have to get those dogs trained to stop and my own dog healed. (Perfect time to study up on holistic healing...) This could stand for attacks against my faith or my beliefs - the one's I hold too closely. But those attackers are cowards. They run when faced - but continue barking. On that holistic level, I can see that life continues - and that to take things too seriously is hazardous (as well as taking on things bigger than I am all at once).

But persistence would win out against these odds, even thought the violence of the attack could be overwhelming at first. And don't use their tools or counter-attack in their fashion - but get above them and use friendliness and affection to turn them. Meanwhile, they must have more discipline in their lives.

- - - -

Questions keep coming up: Well, what do you believe - What does your faith tell you?

Then that is all your world view tells you - and that is what is right.

There are concepts that all the universe is alive, as "primitive peoples" held. However, were this explored, you would see that this really reflects on the point that God is in all and all is in God. So all life you are seeing around you is actually just part and parcel of the Universal. Just because something is "inanimate" doesn't mean there isn't motion and life operating in and through it.

- - - -

Genius really means that you have a closer spiritual connection ongoing. And your connection is to the Universal.

So this book I'm writing is right on the money - at least according to my worldview.

That brings up the point that what we are all here for is to improve our personal growth - to evolve to a higher state. So your own personal worldview is all that matters - almost. Because you can't evidently get out of here on your own. Because the highest level that we can see from this level is that the Universal tends to operate at complete harmony. And that is what each of us has to achieve around us - complete harmony.

Now the trick is that through the Law of Attraction, you will actually attract a peaceful world around you when you get it straight. That doesn't mean everyone around you will have a peaceful world - but they won't be in your universe. And don't think that this universe around you is so huge that you can't change it into what you need and want.

The more harmonious, the more you succeed. (Neat idea for a game, huh?) A game where everyone wins.

But not so unrealistic - imagine if the bulk of people watching TV just turned it off for hours at a time - or completely. That would certainly change their business model.

For me, for this world view, peace is the one point to push. Seek peace in everything around you. And that even means the dogs across the street. With my pet needing confinement to dry quarters while her leg heals - I can take my other dog (who's friends with them) over and become friends with those two. But meanwhile, teach them to stay out of my yard, to leave my other dog alone - or figure out how to get these dogs to get along.

So, I'll pray peace - and add this to my meditations.

Meanwhile, I have another book to get out tonight. And some others after that...

Blessings to you and yours.

- - - -
update: 071220

Book is published on Lulu as beta - Genius: How to be one, How to live with it.

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