Sunday, September 09, 2007

World Peace in two steps

1. Show that anyone can make any amount of money they want - that anyone can have a high-quality standard of living. Anyone on this planet at this time can have anything they really want - if they choose to plan and act to achieve their dreams.

2. Show that all our religions and belief-systems have a single common base - that while we are diverse ( a good thing ), we are more in sync with ourselves and our environment - that there are no real differences to fight over.

Napolean Hill and others already blazed this path. Their works simply need to be modernized for this current era. There are already people like Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen who are working for the goal of a million millionaires - which would go far toward creating a peaceful world environment.

Added to this, our national economies are becoming more and more interlocked, such that wars and fighting affect everyone on this planet - as does terrorism and any sort of fanaticism.

So working for world peace is now getting more and more attainable and realistic, instead of being a "pipe-dream" as pessimists would have it.

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