Monday, September 10, 2007

You imprint the world around you or it imprints you

80 percent of the world's population lets the world run them. That's where are factory workers and wage-slaves come from. This is why advertising in very general terms works. And why politics stinks to high-heaven.

Around 10 percent are artists and writers and such. Which is where all our inspiration comes from.

The other 10 percent are on the criminal end - which is why we still have fears abounding. This is the realm of terrorists. (They don't number more than 3 or 4 percent of the world's population, but it's enough to make the rest of us have a hard time living.)

All I say is that you have (and have always had) a choice in how you live life. Whatever you do is up to you. All your accomplishments - or lack of them - is entirely due to your own attitude, your own plans or lack of them, your own actions or lack of them.

Do nothing and inherit the whirlwind of life, and all its catastrophes and soap opera dramatizations. Do exactly what you want and the world goes along willy-nilly - like a bottle-fed calf at feeding time.

Your world is completely up to you.

Begin today in re-reading and re-studying those classic works which you love and admire. Re-program your attitudes and habits to the ones you have held so highly.

Then see the world start creating your dreams right in front of you. And then dream some bigger dreams and start seeing these happen as well.

Then you'll know you are on the right track. The one you chose, not the one chosen for you.

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