Monday, September 03, 2007

There is only one enemy we all share

And that enemy is Entropy.

It is merciless, and attacks us at every turn.

There is no competition except with this particular foe - who competes with us at every turn, at every effort we make.

And all the "wars" we have on this planet only feed that enemy and support his actions and goals. Every person who is kept ill-housed or poorly fed is just that many sets of solutions we don't have, another foot-soldier lost in our greater war against sliding down into that endless depth of nothingness.

For our real enemy is waste, by another name. Our goal is to improve our efficiency to bring about the seemless integration of our survival into the mesh - the woof and warp - of this universe. And to do that, we have to ask the universe itself what our best solutions are to any given problem that arises.

Because on this planet at this time, it is completely feasible to feed, clothe, and house every person we have and we produce. And every person can have unlimited wealth - exactly measured by his/her education and personal actions to succeed and attain that wealth. The only limit to that wealth is in how much they serve others, their society, their environment, and the universe itself.

Everything else we are engaged in is petty and small in the extreme. All else we work at is just feeding that enemy, as it is nothing but wasted motion, wasted thought, spent energy with no result or use.

All such waste is near irretrieveable by our current thinking and science and beliefs.

But factually, even that intractable enemy can be vanquished. You just have to ask the universe for the solutions. And they will come to you.

The first lesson, then, we much teach every person, every child: how to listen - and then, how to learn.

Otherwise, despite all our best efforts and noble claims to specie-dominence on this planet are wasted as we inevitably slide down that long slope into nothingness and oblivion. Our fuels run out and the sun dims to a cinder. That is our future, unless we start listening and learning.

The solutions are out there. But it is up to us to see our greater enemy - and act.

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