Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Philosophy has everything to do with real life

Just a short comment.

Was blogging away a few minutes ago and realized that the marketing I was doing was very much based on my hard-won philosophic understanding of humankind.

People think in patterns. I covered this in a book I don't push too much, but people download anyway. No, they don't think in the exactly same patterns, even when "identical" twins. But you can find the broadly similar patterns.

One practical aspect of this is in keywords and phrases people use to search with. If you can give them some promise that your product matches what they are looking for, then they will look you up and even buy from you.

Really, most of marketing is just that simple. If you then come forward from the definition that economics is the exchange of valuables, you can see how to keep people buying your product line - keep providing valuable service for their valuable money.

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