Sunday, July 15, 2007

Something new is starting with Go Thunk Yourself!

In a few days, I'll have a new (and final) review of Go Thunk Yourself - the entire series.

This will be available only through email subscription.

The idea is to offer an ecourse on GTY, from whereever you are to whereever you want to wind up - which is pretty unlimited.

I'll have PDFs of each lesson for download.

But then the additions get even more exciting. I'm going to post commentary on my blog as well as sending this out to the list. So this will have all the live links where I tell you how to find the data I talk about in that lesson. And where I can't link to it, I'll work to get that data available as a free download.

The trick is that this is going to evolve as we go. If you get in on the ground floor, you'll see it as it happens. Sometime this week, I'll get a link up for the opt-in page. And then the fun will start.

Of course, this blog will be open for comments both as this ecourse evolves and in the future. The links in the ecourse will be perma-linked to this blog, so everyone gets the data.

I'm using this blog as it was created to cover the changes which have been researched/uncovered since Go Thunk Yourself, Smore! was written - but even more than is contained in Go Thunk Yourself, Compleat!

And that's the great part about all of this. Since I started this research over seven years ago, the data has simply grown and expanded beyond all proportion. But I really have need to get onto other work - and haven't had the chance to wrap it all up.

Here, I'm taking the opportunity to build a fairly incredible resource of data and make it freely available to everyone who's interested. And wants to change their lives forever - into that dream they've always been wishing for.

Of course, they can help my research by buying my books and such. Now along this line, I'll be providing more materials, and collections, which I haven't even thought of yet. Everyone wins with this one.

Your choice is to be the first in line for this one - this live Internet event.

Because once I wrap this up, that will be it. I'm moving on to some other areas next and so won't be back to this research area for literally years/decades.

Over to you. Stay tuned - I'll have that opt-in link up shortly...

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