Thursday, July 19, 2007

The funniest thing to all these books

Like a rock you keep stumbling on every time you walk down a particular path, there is one (of several) commonalities which rise up to greet you on your journey. This is in all the books I have re-published for your use.

This one I talk of today is the Spirit, or Life-force, or Light.

It's there in all things, and pulls all together. Contacting this gives reason and rhyme to all we do here and why.

One works at this, as Haanel long ago said, by "seeking the Silence". You simply still your own mental "chatter" and listen, really just listen to the world around you. When you do this often and regularly, you get a new concept of how to live and what to do in that life of yours.

What we have around us too often are tools to keep us from listening, from just observing what is going on in our and others' universes. We don't really see the grass or trees or fields as we scream by in our ultra-powered, ultra-comfortable jet-rides.

Go to a park, sit down and just listen and watch the world evolve around you. Don't think about it, just watch and listen. Don't criticise, just note to yourself what is happening as you sit there.

You are watching that universe evolve, second by second. And you see life's handiwork all around you - working in harmony and seeming cacaphony at the same time.

As you sit and listen, if you do this often and regularly, you'll start to understand the music, both tune and notes. And you'll see more clearly the piece you should be playing.

Like any orchestra, you need to practice this piece over and over - both on your own, and as part of the greater whole.

The funny part of it is that in doing this listening and watching, in learning your part, you will find peace in your life - a "peace that passeth understanding" - and a peace that no one can take away from you or intrude on.

You are blessed. Enjoy it.

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