Friday, May 25, 2007

My apologies for not writing - but now you can see what I've been up to...


THIS BOOK is what I've been working toward - and all my long hours and short-slept nights. Just got it posted last night and I'm quite excited about it.

You can see (the preview is the whole book) how I've been able to collect a huge series of classic works which all define and expand on the Law of Attraction.

From these, I've extracted key chapters from each book which specifically tell details about how to get the Law of Attraction to work for you - in your own life, right now, for you personally!

While I've watched "The Secret" DVD over and over and over, I still had questions about how to apply this in my own life. Sure, there are some neat techniques in that movie, but I was still wondering...

So I hit the Internet and started finding more and more authors who would tell me about what I needed to know. I'd find something promising, and download it, then find something else and get it in my download queue, then browse some more — until I was too tired or had to go do other chores, got called away for dinner, etc.

The result was a massive amount of material I saved here and there, but no way to figure where to start.

One day, I typed in "Law of Attraction" into my Google Desktop Search and found page after page of entries where these authors were trying to tell me about this Law. So one by one, I started opening these files and reading what they had to say.

Then came the brilliant flash - I should publish these on Lulu so everyone can have this data. Of course, this meant an incredible amount of work - since each one of these were in slightly different formats from the others, none were really ready for easy viewing on-screen or in print. And there were typos, places where others had "improved" on the original texts, and various editing issues.

After that, I figured that there needed to be a capstone work, which introduced these authors to readers - without having to get every single book first.

So I started just digging this ditch. You may know this analogy - you start at one end and dig until your ditch is long and deep enough to suit. Each shovelful means you are that much closer to the end.

Finally, my ditch was complete. And I was able to compose the book above and publish it to the world.

As it's special, I designed an original cover for it.

And it's a comparative short read - not some of these 500 and 800 page compilations out there. Only just over 300 pages - all nicely formatted and easy to read.

What do you get out of this?

Well, the benefits are enormous:
  • You learn about all the different facets of the Law of Attraction in any style you like.
  • You are encouraged to simply flip through and find what "strikes your fancy".
  • You want to improve your health? It's in there - in several places.
  • Would you like more money/prosperity in your life? Take your pick of several opinions on how to get there.
  • How about some more success for you? This book has many, many examples of how to use the Law of Attraction to accomplish whatever you want in life.
  • And anything else you'd like to improve - well, you can read about it here.

Now, note that you are only getting excerpts from these classic authors.

But I've linked all my Lulu books so you can find the re-published, re-formatted, highly readable books for yourself. Just pick out the authors you like, get their books, and read away.

Of course, you may like to study like me and get them all on your computer as downloads - Adobe has a nice search feature where you can search all the PDF's on your computer to find any exact phrase...

AND - I've also given you the various links in this "Secrets to the Law of Attraction" book so you can download the original files for free if you like. It's a lot more work, but many of us are still attracting a "student budget" in our lives (hey, you got to start somewhere...)

Now, let's catch up on the recent books I've also published:

Ralph Waldo Trine was a very influential writer in his day. Henry Ford was so inspired by his "In Tune With the Infinite" that he bought this book in mass quantities to give away to key industrialists. As well, many other authors, such as Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) were heavily influenced in their own thoughts and writings.

He writes from a very Christian metaphysical view - and is effective in getting his point across.

In addition to "In Tune With The Infinite", I've included another of his hits, "What All the World's A-Seeking."

Now here's a rare classic. If you liked "Master Key System" by Charles Haanel, you're going to really love "Mental Chemistry". Here Haanel breaks down what he covered in his earlier masterpiece into simpler terms - and brings these home with very simple examples.

And you'll see as you go along, where he is true to what he told you earlier - but explains and pulls it all together in a delightful fashion.

This Law of Attraction Classic Series contains the complete text of "Mental Chemistry", just as Haanel wrote it 20 years after "Master Key System"

Theron Q. Dumont was a pen-name for William Walker Atkinson. It seems that the brilliant mind and diverse interests he had weren't able to be contained under a single name. Atkinson was another who took up the writing mantle after restoring his physical and mental health through studying New Thought authors.

Moving to Chicago and becoming a magazine editor, his prolific output was instrumental in expanding the influence of New Thought movement beyond just healing techniques.

"Power of Concentration" enables you to perfect your own ability to concentrate on what you truly want in life - just as Hill covered in both his "Law of Success" and "Think and Grow Rich".

Also included in this book is "The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism". Enjoy.

If you wanted an example of how to live and exemplary and successful life, just look up the life and writings of Charles Fillmore. He healed an old childhood injury after attending a few New Thought lectures and became fascinated with this subject, starting a prayer group, then a magazine, then a publishing house, a radio show, then a radio station - culminating in founding both one of the most widely distributed religious magazines, "The Daily Word" and one of the largest congregation of affiliated churches on this planet.

His writings are direct and simple. While he illustrates his points with examples from the Bible, he is not dogmatic.

In "Prosperity", he covers exactly how and why you apply the Law of Attraction to get prosperous in your own life - and that you must be prosperous inside first before you can attract it on the outside.

Also included in this text is his renown book "Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind"

When you look up the life of Hamblin, you see a man who “followed his bliss” in order to write his thoughts and publish them for others to use and improve their lives.

Truly one of the less known writers in our current age, he is nonetheless an incredible find. He was successful businessman before he became a bestselling author and publisher.

His works are continued today via the Hamblin Trust, which continues the magazine Hamblin founded and have maintained and expanded his legacy.

He wrote in a very simple style. "Dynamic Thought" is written as a course, with lessons to follow - something you can do in your own home, even 80 years after he wrote it.

Also included in this is his bestselling "Within You is the Power", which addresses more personal abilities you can achieve.

One of the most influential writers and lecturers of New Thought, Holmes wrote “Science of Mind” in 1926, which quickly became a handbook and textbook for many people studying in this field.

While he initially studied Christian Science, his wide-ranging mind soon took him beyond the scope of their teachings. He wrote numerous books on theology and founded a religious organization which continues to this day.

His work on the Law of Attraction is represented here in a single chapter, though his text continues to expand on this and other natural laws.

While a hefty volume (around 450 pages), this text is easy to read - it has a lot of subheadings - and is thorough in each subject covered. I've also included the original diagrams Holmes used - as this is based on his earliest version.

His is another classic reference you really have to add to your library - right up there next to Troward, Haanel, Wattles, and the others.

And that catches us up. (Whew.)

Again - I've excerpted all these incredible writers into a single volume, so you can sample their style and teachings before you invest in yourself with more books for your shelves or your hard-drive.

You can always study the preview to get a taste of them - the whole book is there for your use.

And — Good Hunting!

Oh - and I'm distributing this one through Amazon, just as soon as I finish proofing it. So you'll even be able to get more access to these writers.

Now, the other volumes will be available only through Lulu for now - but you'll find them easy to work with.

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