Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Get excited about self-help again - Larson is on the loose!

There is untold power in that Law of Attraction - and Christian Larson is perhaps the best at telling you about it.

I was listening to one of Trump's latest books yesterday and editing Larson today - only to find that Larson could tell me more accurately exactly why Trump made his billions. (It's in Chapter 7 of Your Forces and How to Use Them.)

Here's a sample of why I really got excited about this author and his work:

''This being true, we can readily understand why mortals are weak -- they are weak simply because they have chosen weakness; but when they begin to choose power and greatness, they will positively become what they have chosen to become.

We all must admit that there is more in man than what is usually expressed in the average person. We may differ as to how much more, but we must agree that the more should be developed, expressed and applied in everybody. It is wrong, both to the individual and to the race, for anyone to remain in the lesser when it is possible to attain the greater. It is right that we all should ascend to the higher, the greater and the better now. And we all can.''

Who else really comes to the front and says that we can all get better if we simply work at it - and that we all should.

And that's the key to all self-help and self-improvement. But so many current authors don't meet that grade (while many "classic" ones missed as well).

So when you run into a really riveting author who tells you not just THAT things work as laws, but also HOW they work that way and WHY you should use them for yourself.

Now, right in the second chapter (while this makes the post run long) is this advice:

"When you undertake to live an ideal life and seek to promote your advancement in every direction, you will find that much cannot be gained until your entire being is placed in a proper condition for growth; the reason being that the ideal is ever advancing toward higher ideals, and you must improve yourself before you can better your life. It has been found that all laws of growth require order, harmony and stillness for proper action; therefore, to live peacefully, think peacefully, act peacefully and speak peacefully are important essentials. This will not only put the entire being into proper condition for growth, but will also conserve energy, and when you begin to live the larger life you will want to use properly all your forces; neither misusing or wasting anything. To acquire stillness never 'try hard,' but simply exercise general self control in everything you do. Never be anxious about results, and they will come with less effort, and in less time. Whenever you have a moment to spare relax the whole person, mind and body; just let everything fall into the easiest position possible. Make no effort to relax, simply let go. So long as you try to relax you will not succeed. While in this relaxed condition be quiet; do not move a muscle; breathe deeply but gently, and think only of peace and stillness. Before you go to sleep at night relax your entire system, and fall asleep with peace in your mind; bathe your mind and body, so to speak, in the crystal sea of the beautiful calm. These methods alone will work wonders in a few weeks. While you are at work hold yourself from anxious hurry or disturbed action; work in the attitude of poise and you will accomplish much more in the same given time and you will be a far better workman. Train yourself to come into the realization of perfect peace by gently holding a deep strong desire for peace and by ordering all your actions to harmonize with the peaceful goal in view. The result will be 'the peace that passeth understanding,' and for this alone your gratitude will be both boundless and endless."

You don't see this in any other work - and not because it is an intensely long paragraph (Troward has him beat in this regard), but because he tells you right off how to get peace into your life - a prize which no amount of Madison Avenue ads can achieve for any being.

This is what I ran into in Go Thunk Yourself. Peale, in his Power of Positive Thinking, was one of the only authors that practically told people to do this. Haanel did - but in a different manner and style.

The excitement, then, is to find another author who has the key points and describes the whole system at work here - not just the Law of Attraction, but the whole kaboodle.

And Larson does this in a unique style, which is readable even today. He applies the datum of choosing one's thoughts more so than William James ever probably envisioned - he turned it into a life philosophy.

Imagine living a completely peaceful, prosperous, happy existence - for all your life...

And it could be yours.

That's why I'm publishing these books for you.

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