Thursday, May 03, 2007

Be nice to folks and watch your world turn around

Been editing a book by Claude M. Bristol - called "The Magic of Believing" - as referenced by Earl Nightingale in his "Strangest Secret".

While I have some more work to do in getting this ready for publishing, thought you'd like the following excerpt:

"If you wager, think and believe that the other fellow is a fine chap, that's what he'll turn out to be --for never forget that what you get back is a reflection of what you project mentally.

"Do not reject this great truth. Just apply it and you'll be amazed at the startling results. Watch the bus driver respond, the elevator operator beam, and the clerk behind the counter hurry to oblige you when you send out friendly thoughts. It can be used in every encounter in life, and if you're wholly sincere about it, you will never have to worry about making enemies.

"'And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise,' says the Bible. Many successful men and women, irrespective of any motive that may activate them, work on the assumption that when they do something for another person, something will be done for them. That may sound rather calculating, but the basic law of reciprocity remains, regardless of the situation or circumstances. Simply, there must be a logical effect from every cause."

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