Friday, June 08, 2007

Larson's Optimist Creed - as now discovered by "The Secret"

Here's a link which takes you to "The Secret"'s free download page (you must sign up for a free membership): Secret Gifts - eBooks

While Wattles and Haanel have been around for some time, it's great that the Secret is promoting their works.

What's more interesting is that they've recently created a multimedia version of Christian Larson's Optimist Creed. And they also have a PDF version for download or printing.

Of course if you want to read the original text it comes from, try getting a copy of "Your Forces and How To Use Them" - which is part of the Law of Attraction Classics Series "Law of Attraction: Ideal Made Real.

Just for you, I'm re-editing that section of the book to emphasize the original optimist creed. You can do that on Lulu, after all, since you don't have to be stuck with a book once you've published it.

So, have a great time today!

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