Thursday, April 19, 2007

Imagine sitting at the feet of the greatest mind that ever lectured or wrote - as his ONLY pupil...

And that is the scene Genevieve Behrend found herself - AFTER she applied what she found about the Law of Attraction, as she learned in Thomas Troward's books.

She has more to say about her story, and Troward's own life story. Now her stories are again seeing the light of day as I've brought her books to life as part of the Law of Attraction Classics series.

Behrend changed her world into that of a very successful author - so successful that she spent the rest of her life only lecturing and traveling the globe. She made her own dreams come true - far beyond any dream she had in her youth.

While Troward can be a difficult read at times, Behrend takes his tomes and boils them down to very simple, applicable techniques and advice, just as the gentle Sage told the Pupil answers to her many and varied questions.

I found these books to be as easy to read as "The Secret" was to view. And her words brought to mind those of the teachers on that DVD. At times, almost word for word.

You can now see who they studied and where they got their ideas from.

is a clear choice for any student of Troward - or any student of the Law of Attraction.

- - - -

These books are coming along well. Atkinson yesterday, and Behrend today. Hopefully, I'll get Jame's Allen classic on the Law of Attraction (Byways to Blessedness) up tomorrow with a couple of his other greats. Then there are just a handful (nine more) to get up and running. There are more than 16 books as part of this series, but several will be combined into single volumes by that author in order to keep it simple - and I don't want to spend my life editing others' works forever...

What I found fascinating about Behrend's work is that she was able to distill Troward down to very simple basics. And I'm too tempted to make this a companion to the Troward Collection I've already published. It is really an essential if you want to learn Troward.

Another interesting by-product of editing and publishing these books is that I'm learning some very fascinating stuff. While I've covered many of these authors before, several (such as Seton, Holmes, and Fillmore) I've stayed away from, essentially as I've not been wanting to get into the healing aspects of the Law of Attraction. However, that is the other taproot of New Thought, and is built on the same principles as anyone using it to get rich.

The trick of this series is to simply edit and then get out of the way. The purpose is to provide a set of books where anyone can read more about the Law of Attraction - as the early authors had already researched. The reason I'm editing and republishing these is to develop high-quality books which are eminently readable. (You should see the original versions I've had to uncover...)

When you study "The Secret", you run into those teachers and their sayings. When you read Behrend and some of these others, you see the exact phrases they say and the reasonings behind why they hold them as so valuable.

An interesting tool I've just created is to make an MP3 of Behrend's book. As your mind works always faster than you listen or read or talk, having such an MP3 gives a unique way to study the book and reflect on what you've learned/as you learn. (I use AT&T's Crystal voice to do the reading, which doesn't take very long as once I have the text file ready (needed anyway as part of the editing process). If I have a chance, I'll post it somewhere and link it in.

- - - -

After this series, plus the other series I've been researching on "Getting Rich" - I'll hopefully get back to my book on how to self-market your books. It's a huge book, filled with tons of data on exactly how to market - and follows how I test out all those theories I've distilled from a few hundred popular/obscure/academic/hype-filled books on the subject.

But I have a great deal of work to do.

Meanwhile, I've gotten some ideas on how to make some books based on the caricatures I've drawn over the last three years at various fairs and festivals. So I can sell these at the various fairs and festivals I'm attending this year. But I have to get to these...

And along that line, I can re-publish old books on Agriculture and Art which are in the public domain and out of print elsewhere - of course that is another itch to scratch. Lord knows that I would want to become a book publisher as part of the research I do.

But I find that writing and editing are great ways to learn. And if I can get people to buy books I publish as a way of financing my research, that's not a bad living.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my overdrawn, overlong, drawling posts.

And thanks for your comments. I'm glad I could help as I can.

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