Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Law of Attraction series unleashed - get the founding data behind "The Secret"

Working at some research among the "old, musty catacombs" of the Internet, I stumbled upon an interesting correlation among my collection of New Thought files. Of course, I figured out how to make these available to you in order to help your own progress.

I searched for "Law of Attraction" in order to find some obscure reference I had. It was a PDF, and so I searched on my computer for all PDF's with this phrase. As it struggled along, I was both amazed and delighted to find over two dozen referenced books which have talked about this subject.

It not only was in the 1920's with Napoleon Hill (Law of Success) and chased back to Thomas Troward (Edinburg Lectures, among others). Factually, I haven't found who first coined the expression - though it seems to go back at least another century before this - and many ancient authors described this phenomenon. Probably the first description was the Emerald Tablet - as featured in "The Secret".

At that point, I got the idea to make these available again in their own series - to make these books ready for use to this modern crop of readers who have heard about this "Law of Attraction", yet haven't heard of Atkinson, Behrend, Mulford, Seton, or Dumont - and the host of others who have expressly written on this subject.

The "Law of Attraction Classics" series was born.

Of course, these don't "spring full-armed" from anyone's brow. There's a lot of editing to do to bring them up to standard. Some are raw text files, some are html, some are poor PDF conversions - all have to be distilled to a clean text file and then formatted for easy viewing and reading, both in hard copy and from a computer monitor.

The first one out of the gate is a collection of William Walker Atkinson - a name which repetitively comes up because he wrote nearly one hundred books (while also maintaining a law practice and editing a magazine). This book has three of his classic works, the first having Law of Attraction in its very title.

I hope you have fun reading this first one. Atkinson explored many venues where the Law of Attraction was applicable and wrote extensively on this and other subjects.

The following books in this series are just as fascinating. Next coming up is Genevieve Behrend, who was the only student of Thomas Troward and in fact earned the money for the trip and persuaded Troward to take her on as a student - all through use of the Law of Attraction and what Troward had written in his books...

Well, I could go on - but I have some work to do in the miles before my sleep.

Good Reading!

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