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Use of switch-words and the Law of Attraction

James T. Mangan researched and found these "switchwords" which act as short-cuts to manifesting. They are named like the action of throwing a switch to turn on a light, or an engine. Switchwords open up flows in manifesting.

At the bottom of this post is as complete a list as I've found so far (until I compare it to the book).

There are two methods of utilizing these switchwords. One is the simple means told through Wattles, Vitale, King, and others:
  1. Get the full concept of what you want, including all the feelings of having received it.
  2. Utter the switchword, silently or aloud.
  3. Turn the whole thing over to the universe to bring to you - release.
The other is to chant it as a mantra, either as in a meditative/alpha state or while doing some action which is aligned to that switchword (or vice-versa). One person improved her luck while chanting "count" as she worked the slot-machines.

In a later post, I'll break down how these things work - the mechanics of them and how to "roll your own" switchwords. These actually give an insight into why Napoleon Hill's "BURNING DESIRE" has worked for the thousands who have read his book and gotten rich from it.

One can get the ebook and paperback of the same name, but I've ordered the original book to get to the source of it.

What I am looking for is James T. Mangan's system from his 1973 book, THE SECRET OF PERFECT LIVING.

A review of switchwords from the linked forum above:

"What is unfortunate is that it was written in the sensationalist style of the late 1960's and 1970's, and the claims for it were not taken seriously by professional mind-exploration scientists, because of it. But it is a very accurate window into the way the mind works, even though it has not been looked into seriously by acedemics and most scientists. Had it gained credibility with these professionals, psychiatry and psychology would probably be far more advanced and benificial to the public today.

But such is often the way of the world today. Excellent research is ignored because it is not 'packaged' properly to suit the tastes and prejudices of the people who mold public opinion. So often it never really reaches the public on a wide scale of application."

As I get this book from Amazon and digest it, you can count on a more full and detailed rendition of it.

For now, I'm publishing this list (from Powerful Intentions site) for your and my use. Here is as full a list as I have found:

To create new ideas-ON.
To reduce smoking-COUNT.
To get in mood for writing-GIGGLE.
To stay young and to look young immediately-LEARN.
To be a good mechanic-CONSIDER.
To break a bad habit-OFF.
To meet a deadline-DONE.
To sigh-HO.
To win in a competitive game-FIGHT.
To upset an opponent in such a game-FIGHT.
To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess-CUT.
To display pep and sudden energy-MOVE.
To turn a setback into an uplift-ELATE.
To remember, in the sense of memorization-CARE.
To remember something forgotten-REACH.
To find lost or misplaced article-REACH.
To solve a problem-REACH.
To prevent a person or action from annoying one-CANCEL.
To obliterate a negative thought-CANCEL.
To dispel a worry-CANCEL.
To sell-GIVE.
To aquire a skill-WATCH.
To love to read-JUDGE.
To maintain good health-BE.
To be kind-TINY.
To invent-REACH.
To relieve constipation-SWIVEL.
To heal a scab-ALONE.
To stop drinking-SAVE.
To keep a resolution-DONE.
To destroy remorse-TOMARROW.
To cease regretting-THANKS.
To secure transportation-ON.
To cure hypersensitivity-DUCK.
To prevent pouting streak-POSTPONE.
To handle anything unpleasant-ADJUST.
To dispel an attack of the blues-UP.
To act on good impulse-NOW.
To stop faultfinding-PRAISE.
To build will power-DONE.
To banish lonesomeness-BE.
To get rid of inertia-MOVE.
To avoid poverty or debt-CANCEL.
To nourish ambition-ON.
To eliminate procrastination-DO.
To promote-FOR.
To advertise-SCHEME.
To secure publicity-RIDICULOUS.
To retain good feeling or sense of well-being-STRETCH.
To assume or carry a burden-ADJUST.
To get something out of eye-CHANGE.
To dispel ache or pain in any part of body-CHANGE.
To turn on personality-CHUCKLE.
To turn on politeness or courtesy-TINY.
To convert another-TAP.
To dispel nervousness-BLUFF.
To dispel conscious fear-BLUFF.
To call forth extra personal ability-DIVINE.
To preserve personal safety-GUARD.
To make yourself beautiful or handsome-PRAISE.
To aquire good taste-COPY.
To keep a secret-FOREVER.
To subdue inner excitement-COVER.
To get to sleep-OFF.
To build-PUT.
To dress better-SPEND.
To find percentage-ADD.
To learn a secret-WAIT.
To improve your mental telepathy-BETWEEN.
To withstand impatience-SLOW.
To handle success-SUFFER.
To handle prosperity-SUFFER.
To avoid carelessness-ATTENTION.
To improve perspective-AROUND.
To build character-HOLD.
To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering-UNCLE.
To develop or increase endurance-CONTINUE.
To be wise-SLOW.
To achieve peace of conscience-BE.
To build, produce-ON.
To develop leadership-TAKE.
To build a fortune-FIND.
To make money-COUNT.
To develop courage-SWING.
To read the future-LISTEN.
To work miracles-DIVINE.
To do anything-TOGETHER.
To lose inferiority complex-UP.
To become an orator-ACT.
To publish a successful newspaper-PERSONAL.
To publish a successful magazine-SOPHISTICATE.
To make your children obedient-CROWD.
To be compatible with others-WITH.
To be soothing to others-SWEET.
To be pious-SHOW.
To complete a lot of detailed work-NEXT.
To create appeal-HOLE.
To design-SCHEME.
To appear rich-WASTE.
To create beauty-CURVE.
To appear cultured-CLASSIC.
To help others-GIVE.
To bury your grudges-REVERSE.
To reduce your bragging-DOWN.
To lose pettiness-MAGNANIMITY.

and the Master Switchword: TOGETHER.

Good Hunting!

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  1. Hi Dr Rob,

    I just got the original on eBay $7! But I had a copy thru ILL and used the technique to manifest my eBay copy!

    The ebook didn't appeal to me, I like to go to the source. I just linked to your post in a forum I'm in, and wanted to thank you for a great synopsis.

    Divine Happy!


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