Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A summary of self-programming to date: sequence and methods

With these various blog posts, and books, I've covered a few different approaches to self-programming. Some are short term and others are longer in approach. Here I'll try to put them all on a single page and tell you how they do and don't work together.

I. In Go Thunk Yourself!, I laid out a 14-day program. This is really a very sensible first introduction to the self-help field. I also recommend to go through this several times in that book.

II. In the Go Thunk Yourself Student Manual, I lay out a four step program:
  1. Memorize the summary from The Science of Getting Rich.
  2. Do Hill's 6 steps for your own goals, to achieve your own vision.
  3. Do all the 24 lessons of Haanel's Master Key System.
  4. Memorize the seven principles of Huna.
III. Later, I worked out a 30-day program, which essentially added listening to "The Secret" DVD daily (or something similar, such as Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret") while you continue doing Hill's 6 steps. You also are encouraged to view "The Secret" tools and to utilize these as you can during these 30 days. The key points added during this repetitive program are to concentrate on only thinking and acting in a positive fashion, while getting the full feeling of all the goals and vision you now see in your life.

You also note that the 30-day program itself is simply an introduction. It's a bootstrap starting point. Actually, you are going to be taking control over your own programming from there on out. I covered in Go Thunk Yourself, Again! how the environment is constantly programming you (or attempting to). It is up to you to surround yourself with those works, recordings, books, videos/DVDs which you want in your life - those things which support and further what you want to achieve, aquire, be, do, or have in your life.

There are additional points which have come to light during my own application of that 30-day program. In Go Thunk Yourself!, I pointed out how you have to have an ethical base for your activities. Later, I found Hill's Law of Success and referenced his chapter/volume on Doing more than asked. By giving freely open-handedly, in greater value than you recieve (or without even expecting any in return), you will set up an incredible inflow for yourself - everything you touch will start a multitudinous return flow. But of course, you aren't doing it for that reason - it's just a nice side-benefit. (Imagine if everyone on this planet were working at giving far greater value than they ever expected to recieve in return - what a world of abundance we would be living in!)

Also, I would recommend after this initial 30-day program is over that you take up Haanel's 24 lesson program just as he wrote it. (This of course would be in addition to your daily time spent reviewing your vision and goals with full feeling.) As he tells in that book, read each lesson for that week daily and do the exercises in full every day as well. In this fashion, you will get the full result of what he wrote and be able to incorporate these vital data into your own life.

By doing these lessons every week for 24 weeks, you will actually reinforce all the gains you started happening in your life. For those 6 months, you will be steeping yourself in the basic laws and operating principles of this universe. Consider this your post-graduate course in Life.

Finally, keep a journal or blog your daily inspirations. This will enable you to voice those realizations you've had and get even more from these. You will then be able to look back on where you've been and see the changes in your life. You may find that you will run into the four necessary actions to take as I did.

Once you are done with Haanel's Master Key System, you then have the option to start over from the beginning and do each lesson as above, taking you through the rest of the year.

Of course, this means I now will try this as I "eat my own dog food". I'll keep you posted through this blog on how it goes.

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