Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Faith and such

Faith comes up the key point to address now.

As one is working through life, one is beset with various distractions. These distractions - if they are allowed to fill your daily life to overflowing - will re-program you to listen to them only, and solve their problems only instead of pursuing your own goals and dreams.

That is the reason to keep filling your life with inspirational work. At least keep playing such works in the background to constantly remind yourself of the truths you hold to be effective in your own life.

Looks like I'm going to review Hill's chapters on faith and auto-suggestion. I've managed to acquire three books by Coue - who Hill references in his Think and Grow Rich. (If they turn out to be valuable, I'll edit them into a Lulu book for your download and use.)

Meanwhile, I'm continuing on Huna through an out-of-print M.F. Long Book, "The Huna Code in Religions".

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