Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Secret of Secrets

Guess what - looks like The Law of Attraction trumps all. Just found a translation of the Secret of Secrets, an old self-help bestseller from medieval times. Apparently, it was originally compiled in Arabic, translated to Greek and then back into Arabic. The linked version was English from Latin, from that last re-translation. The Wikipedia page has more detail on its origin.

In reading this book, I was fascinated with how it simply repeats older philosophies. This book simply summed up successful actions and methods to take in dealing with life. Some one should do a modern English translation (perhaps I just need to google this more...) and make this available again (watch out, Lulu).

Still, it only supports my ongoing theory - that there is a single underlying system to all of this and that we can find how to run our lives and our world according to these principles. Many routes up the mountain, but just one mountain.

Update: I've been working to "translate" a copy of this from 14th century English into something modern Americans can use. Hard, slogging work, since about 80 percent or more is in some very interesting text. But I'll get this to you as I can...

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