Thursday, January 04, 2007

Do you have to act on your intuition?

Depends on what your intuition tells you. There are two schools of thought on this, "Eastern" and "Western", or passive and active.

Studies of ancient religions which require meditation and soul-searching (and my pardons to both camps of philosophers who have made their lifetimes in studying these - I am shorthanding these immensely...) manifest through such intense personal review. This is primarily "Eastern" in concept. To these, following passive meditation or prayer, they leave the whole of what happens to them over to the Universe. Passive prayer deals in the overall concepts of things.

"Western" approaches (or active) are contingent on accomplishing things and manifesting actively around you. Active prayer/meditation is for a specific result (or several). The followers of this say that you will get a hunch and then you must act on this - doing what your intution tells you.

Huna is the only study/practice which actually allows you to pray/mediate either way. But then, the traditions of Huna place them both at the beginnings of these Eastern philosophies and also in our current times, having been "discovered" by some very modern and Western-trained minds - such as Serge King and Max Freedom Long.

In reality, people have both happening to them as they go through life. Some things one can visualize and do the actions to make this occur. Other things simply happen around one as result of general hopes and wishes - themes, as it were - as one goes through life. If you want a specific vehicle to emerge in your life, then get the concept and the belief it has already arrived in your life, turning the whole thing over to the Universe to manifest according to your complete faith that it has. This is the Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles methodology among others.

The passive mainifestations happen as one holds certain concepts in one's daily faith through prayer, meditation, or simply constantly talking and thinking about these things in one's daily activities. If you hold Abundance, Prosperity, or similar concepts in your regular prayers/meditations, then you will start to see various occurances of these appear in your life. Similarly, those who are constantly pushing negative agendas such as extreme political parties and extremists in general - who hold their enemies to act in such and such generalities - will find evidence of these happening around them and in their lives. Only the mainstream moderates (who grossly outnumber the extremsits) keep a practical set of manifestations occuring overall in our world.

How you can use this is to practically do both in your life. Now this is contrary to many, many books on this area - both ancient and modern. Chiefly (except for King above) they tell you to do one or the other. But honestly, any of the active/Western approaches require the passive/Eastern approach in order to work.

Here's the nuts and bolts: do your prayers/meditations to achieve/acquire what you want in life. In order to do this, you must feel the feelings of already having it - and maintain these positive feelings throughout the day. That's the combination which makes the whole thing work. As you maintain a constant, internalized, positive-thought attitude you are actually working the passive/Eastern method. Daily, you take some time to remind yourself of the specificities you want to achieve or acquire for yourself and your life. That's the active/Western method. But you have to do both in order to have specific things happen around you. By keeping that positive, constant attitude you will find many more positive things happening to you and for you. (Count your blessings daily and you'll always find more blesssings to count daily.)

Your actions will again bring more toward you, precisely in the manner you have acted. If you are philanthropic, you will recieve gifts. As you work to do things for others in excess of what was requested or needed, you will find your wishes being fulfilled in excess of what you asked for. If you are angry with people, or "throw tantrums" occasionally, you are going to have periodic episodes of angry people coming into your life and venting. It's that old Law of Attraction at work.

Note here that when you do have to act, it will be something that seems natural to you, something which seems to be effortless. This is because you are doing something in alignment with your own dreams and the Universe itself.

If you prefer only to pray/meditate through the passive approach, that will work just as well - providing you honestly get the feelings of those concepts and keep to the positive attitudes through your day. Negative attitudes will achieve negative results - which means they are self-defeating attitudes. Stay on the positive, thrill in the integrity of your concepts - and you will have complete integrity in your life and the dreams you want will show up just as you wished, if not even better. Negative people are self-destructive as well as destructive to those around them. So their wishes might be granted only in a perverse manner. (Met anyone who has "bad luck" all the time?) As well, negative leaders create organizations which are full of treachery and backstabbing. The phrase "no honor among theives" is all too accurate. Leaders who hold high moral principles earn the trust and absolute loyalty of their followers.

At the same time, as you continue to do well through your life, you really don't have time to attack any potential enemies or purported rivals. Wattles has a great deal to say about not working on the "competitive plane" as does Haanel. Creation deals with abundance and wide-spread prosperity. As I write this on the best operating system and the best browser I can find, you would have to know that they are both Open Source products (Ubuntu and Firefox). Even the Internet isn't owned by any individual or even a conglomerate of corporations. While the U.S. Government supposedly is in control of this scene, practically they are only providing the environment where the Internet can thrive. Some foriegn governments have been working at keeping Google and other search engines busy blocking sites they "don't approve". Historically, all such efforts get too expensive in the long term and are eventually dropped.

When you stay on the creative plane and work to create and exchange products in your life which benefit the vast majority of the planet's population - it is these efforts which will bring you the best fruit, the cornucopia of positive returns back to your own life. That things may not be that way right now is just the Universe giving you contrast in order to make your decisions.

But active or passive, your intuition will give you hunches. Follow these in your life choices. As you continue to exercise your intuition, this ability will get stronger. You may need to take action, you may need to simply watch something or be somewhere at a given time. Be grateful for all things which enter your life, all your lessons and gifts. Appreciate the world around you in all it's fascinating diversity.

And this world will revolve around you, bringing all manner of good and great things into your life.

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