Saturday, December 23, 2006

Progress, daily progress

The really fascinating thing about reprogramming is that you start seeing results nearly immediately - if you keep a sharp eye out for them. It's too easy to just go back to "this doesn't work", but given that you have to hold off your denial for at least 30 days, you can then work at suspending disbelief for a complete calendar page.

Every day, as you check off that calendar (or mark it with a smiley face, even better), review that day and find out if you honestly stayed grateful and positive for the entire day. Check to see what came your way that day and see if you didn't think about that happening in your life some time prior. It might have been days, months, or years - or it might have been a thought just an hour or a few minutes prior.

As you set time for listening to that DVD or tape again, also set time to review your day and note the progress you've made. Also note down the intuitive ideas you had - and whether or not you acted on them. Note down the serendipitous circumstances. You can write these down in a notebook; this will help you see what is happening and what has changed in your life. Often, you feel so much better, you can forget when some chronic attitude dropped away, or you start more frequently being "lucky" in your life. (The more you are grateful for the positive things which have come your way, by chance or design, the more "lucky" you will become.)

One interesting thing to watch out for is, as Joe Vitale says, "You are absorbing beliefs from the culture itself." In daily living, you are surrounded by various influences and if you don't have a set decision in that area, you can inadvertantly (or by default) accept these other influences.

As example, I work in a warehouse part time (for a variety of reasons). Today, I had to make a quick choice while driving a forklift which made it a bit hard for someone coming up behind me to predict what I was going to do. She put on her brakes and had plenty of time to do so - there was no chance of a possible wreck - but she still was unnerved about having to stop that quickly. So as she went by, she told me I needed to "get outside more", as in stopping her machine, she said her "life passed in front of me." Now neither her advice or her description were true. I got mildy perturbed at that - and then looked at that upset. True, I should have been more obvious in my driving - but I had checked behind and knew she had enough room to stop safely. She was trying to get me to go along with her view of things, through "constructive advice" and sympathy. The lesson was that we were both going too fast and making assumptions based on inadequate data. Once I saw this, and how I could be responsible for pulling that attitude toward me, I was able to simply get back to my positive flow of thought - and I sent a blessing after her, grateful for the lesson.

That type of thing can happen at any time. If the cashier makes a critical joke about your buying a lottery ticket, tell her that you will indeed look her up when you win. (And boy does that stop the joke flat - the cashier will go speechless, since the joke depends on agreeing that it's impossible to win the lottery, which we both know isn't true.) You could get irritated with the bad-taste joke, but it's better to quickly come up with a vision of coming in with a wad of cash to give the cashier for giving you that ticket and the look of sheer surprise and delight on her face.

Tell me which is more fun to experience.

That ability to instantly replace a negative scene with a positive vision with positive feelings and releasing that idea to the Universe to manifest however it will - that new ability is a great one to have. You no longer have to get upset by anyone or anybody. Of course, you can and should be concerned when something like a serious emergency happens. But you don't have to worry and you don't have to accept negative predictions on what is going to happen. You can and should tell people around you to simply get the idea of the whole thing properly handled. They will cheer up on this, usually - people like hope - and so your simple idea will get more strength behind it.

I was driving in thick, drifted snow one day, with a passenger - on the way to rescue someone else who was stuck. She was in doubt about going down that road in front of us as we could barely see the sides of the road on each side. I told her, "what's going to happen is that the next thing you know, we've driven right through to the other side without a single problem." And that is exacly what happened. I traveled that quarter-mile road four times that day, once in reverse! The more I went over the road, the wider the ruts got - and I had to pull that rescued vehicle through that same quarter-mile road. The vision was what got us through, even driving in reverse. Needless to say, she got quite an example of how the law of attraction worked in real life.

What you are doing in using "The Secret" DVD daily in your life, is that you are developing a chronic habit of using the Law of Attraction as an instantaneous reaction to everything which happens in your life, while you are busy working on the intuitive "nudges" to achieve your daily envisioning.

Now that is a habit worth having, for sure.

The hidden trick to this is that you are really not going to worry about those big goals you've set out for yourself. They will manifest in their own time. What you are going to be doing in these 30 days is changing your chronic attitude habits. You are going to be finding yourself thinking positive about every single thing that happens in your life. Once you really internalize this "positive thinking" you will find all sorts of good things happening around you. As you now stop contributing to the negative emotional content around you, the people who are echoing these negative emotions in their own lives will start to become more optimistic themselves (or at least go find someone else who will commiserate with their failures).

And, by the way, you don't have to keep sitting by people who are predominantly negative on your breaks. Leave them alone, but treat them pleasantly when they try their "jokes" on you. At the very least, they will start respecting you. More than likely, as covered in "The Secret", is that you will find yourself in another space from them.

We create our own happiness. With this program, you will see exactly how you do this and habituate the process within yourself.

Good Hunting!

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