Saturday, December 23, 2006

A daily program for your 30-day re-programming

Following on the heels of "The Secret" Tips and Techiques, I give you a daily regimen which you can use:

00. Get a calendar and mark out where 30 days is from today.

0. Make a list of your visions, starting with "I am so happy and grateful now that..." and then listing everything you want in the present tense. Get these worked down to a few key ones.

1. Post something that reminds you of them where you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. (Jack Canfield made up a $100,000 bill and put it on the ceiling above his bed.)

2. When you see those reminders, close your eyes for a few minutes and get into the full feelings which occur as that thing just happened. Really splurge on the feeling aspect of this.

3. When your feet hit the floor, start recalling everything you are grateful for in your life - continuing this as you brush your teeth, get dressed, etc.

4. Get a "gratitude rock" or some item you can carry around to remind you to be grateful and practice gratitude all day long, everytime you touch or see that rock or item.

5. If possible, get a "Vision Board" and put it before you at your work - this has cut-out or sketched pictures of the things you want to achieve/acquire/manifest in your life.. One teacher put together a scrap book, which could be kept at your desk and take less room. Just before you start work, and again after every break, review this board/book and get the feelings of having these. You also want to do this the last thing at night before your leave work. (If you work at some manual labor or outside, you can write a simple list with a single word or a couple which remind you of those visions for your life and post them in a visible, but non-vital area of your machinery or workspace. You can also memorize this short list of words and simply count them off on your fingers - getting the feelings each time, the fingers keeping track of which one you were working on. Obviously, don't do anything which would be hazardous to your operating equipment.) Some people have made recordings of their own voice and burned it to a CD, so they listen to their own descriptions of visions - good for a long solo commute both ways. The caveate here is to not do this as a drudge, or a chore - but get into the joyousness of those things you want suddenly showing up right now.

6. As you get home, you'll touch that "Gratitude Rock" again and be grateful all over again.

7. Listen to "The Secret" DVD in full again at night instead of listening to the news or watching your shows (or before, after, or before AND after that favorite show).

8. As you get into bed, before you turn out the lights, take some time to review your visions by looking over those reminders you've posted within your line of sight, again getting the feeling of that happening right now.

Do these steps every single day for 30 days. Each time, get into the positive feeling and gratitude of these things occurring around you in the present tense.

Everytime you get some discouragement coming into your life (like getting another bill in your mailbox) reaffirm that vision which handles this scene for you - get into the feelings and be grateful for it happening right now.

You will find yourself living more and more in the NOW and paying less and less attention to the circumstances and records of your past. Your dreams create your reality. And this will become more and more apparent for you during these next 30 days.

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