Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Secret is out - and the world is a smaller, more prosperous place...

This producer from Australia made a movie about the Law of Attraction - which is key to so many, many things. It's a very good video, on par with "What the (Bleep) Do We Know?"

Both are key to understanding the world and everything in our Universe.

I've just about completed all the immediate dog food. In conjunction with my new publisher, I'm wrapping up the fourth book in the GTY series - Go Thunk Yourself(TM), Compleat! This will not be published as a blog, nor will it be given away as a free download. This book will summarize all the earlier books in this series, plus contain the latest research.

It looks at this writing that I'm not to be doing all those articles I originally planned. Instead, I'll be presenting all these ideas I've written about and published entirely through illustrated books - basically cartoon parables. While this will flesh out later, these are going to be published through my blog My Flyover Zone.

So this very strange trip has been pretty unique to me, but common to many of the age-old philosophers and religious scholars. ALL (yes, all) successful businessmen, politicians, artists, etc. have used this one "secret" to achieve their fame and glory. That's what the first GTY book was about, entirely. Through the series, I've just boiled this down to the final conclusion: it's all built on love - another manner of stating the Law of Attraction, Quantum Hologram, Universal Mind, etc., etc.

This week, then, I'll knock off the last chapters, edit and post the final copy and straighten out the bookstore a bit.

After that, I'm getting into my cartoons professionally. Look out, world. I'm creating a new one.

And best wishes with your own re-creating yours.


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