Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Law of Attraction works daily

And so we reach an end, and a beginning.

I've finished off the last book in the Go Thunk Yourself(TM) series. This has all the Dog Food articles and all what I've been through personally up to this point. So the Compleat book is where you get all the latest research and my notes. I've also included a commentary on Haanel from my own studies. And that is all in this last book.

The reason this is last, is that I've got other things to do - mostly comics. So my posts might start being thin from here on out - at least in text - as I'll be posting comics through my blog, My Flyover Zone.

I do have a send off to you, though. Check out The Secret and get the DVD. This tells you everything I've been covering, more or less, through my Go Thunk Yourself series. Here's some fifty-two different teachers who tell their various stories and techniques for using the Law of Attraction. Listen to this DVD over and over and over. It's that important. It can change your life. For many, it already has, over and over.

'Nuff said. Buy The Secret DVD. Buy my books.

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