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Huna - The Secret Science Behind Miracles - Max Freedom Long

Huna, the Secret Science Behind Miracles - by Max Freedom Long

Huna, the Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long
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Huna is a funny thing to study. It doesn't act like other Western studies, in that you have a beginning-middle-end. Nor it is Eastern, where guru's abound and are necessary to find your way.

Huna seems to be there at every turn, much as the old Kahuna's would teach their students. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Students wouldn't be told what to study or how. There were no books, study guides, quizzes, final exams, and so on.

The student, as life actually operates, must ask in order to receive. Unless the student poses the question, the teacher remains silent – well, mostly.  But it's up to the student to search out questions which need to be asked.

Max Freedom Long tells his own story in the first part of this book. Because of his background in New Thought and psychology, he naturally gravitated to the native psycho-religious philosophy of Huna (his description.)

And because of his breakthrough in finding that the philosophy survived the eons because it had been secreted into the language itself.

When Long discovered Huna, he then found the base below all these other philosophies and the religions based on them. And so the light bulb came on and the explanations started rolling out.

So now you have in your hands a “missing link” to understanding the universe and all its workings. Bottom up or top down.

(From the Introduction.)


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