Friday, January 30, 2015

How to Go Free - Surround Yourself with Your Mastermind

The environment you create helps you build the world you want.

The environment you create is built from your choices and vision.
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The symbols you surround yourself with reinforce the journey you are on.

This is the reason Feng Shui works, and why people spend so much on houses, cars, clothes, and trinkets.

But it's also how you build the life you want - surround yourself with the symbols of what you want, and they start showing up. You're building a habit of thinking. You're building a world. And you start this with assembling the props for your stage to act out your drama - or comedy.

All the world's a stage, and all that.

It's a simple technique, but workable.

As well, you can use this to find out what may be preventing you from having what you want, being what you want.

What is surrounding you right now either supports or distracts you from your journey. Go through your belongings, both at home, in your car or truck, at work - and see what you have there. Do these support and forward you on your choices or wants? If not, get rid of them, no matter how much they cost.

Because things which don't support you just continue to cost you.

Focus on what you want. Assemble the world you want around you - in pieces. These will then help you find just what you want in life - making your life into the one you want.

There are more tools to use to bring what you want to you - or make it appear (your choice of metaphors.) Having a set of books and recordings to access will also reinforce your vision (or lack of it.)

The point is that the symbols (and tools) you surround yourself with are either helping or hindering you on your journey.

Most of what you are offered in our common world is just and only entertainment, or distraction. These aren't particularly tools or even useful symbols. Or they may be. As usual, and always, it's your choice.

Out of all this stuff are a very small handful of very, very valuable tools and symbols. Something between 1 and 5 percent of everything you are offered. You have complete choice of what you accept, what you earn, what you utilize along your journey - all your world is a result of your choices.

Some choose to let others make their choices for them. They have no freedom, or very little. Just to that degree others make their choices.

What you surround yourself with are choice-results. Call them symbols, tools, or anything you like. The results you keep around you help you make your next choices. Those mementos then help you make your next decisions - and so on. The journey continues.

That's life, after all. A series of choices. Each will give you more Freedom, or less, depending on how much responsibility you take in your decisions.

- - - -

I've made this as simple as I could. It's still a bit dense, though.

Probably have to break it down into various parables.

Always another step along your journey.

Luck to us all.

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