Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Love Your Way Out of Anything.

There is no cause-effect.

Meaning that all "Science" is built on a lie.

Yes, I'm even a bit surprised to realize this after years with this data to hand.

  1. The lowest common philosophic denominator discovered so far is the Huna principle. "The World Is What You Think It Is." Or, rephrased,  "You Get What You Create."
  2. This means you create the cause and you create the effect.  Go back to "The Secret" DVD and listen to those quantum physicists again. They found that they'd find whatever they were looking for. If they changed the goal of the experiment, they'd change the result - even if the experiment was run exactly the same way.
  3. You get the effect you want (or that you resist.)
  4. There is no actual cause and effect. There is apparent cause and effect, but you have to agree with the outcome before you can experience it.
  5. So if you aren't experiencing the result you "wanted" - then you simply have to change your mind.

The core book to study in this area would then be "Magic of Believing" by Claude M. Bristol.

If you chased this back further, you'd find that you have to "love" your way out of any problem you are having. Because Love is the actual universal solvent.

Shades of Jesus' "Love your neighbor as yourself." Which of course goes back to the Golden Rule - which in turn shows up in the second Huna principle, "There Are No Limits." (Or - "We Are All Connected."

Without Cause and Effect, there is really only Responsibility for Condition. Whatever you are experiencing is, bluntly, your own damned fault.

All my venting about critical people still has valid advice to keep them at least a barge-pole's distance - but - if you are feeling anything except a calm, cheerful expectancy...

Changing your mind requires being completely responsible for your own condition - as well as everyone else's. Nobody caused your emotional reaction except yourself. Get over it. Start loving them back.

And yes, now metaphysics trumps any hard science out there. Thanks to quantum mechanics.

Means we should really study some puppy-dogs to see how to improve our ability to share unconditional love.

Read this a few times through for yourself. See if it doesn't make some major shifts.

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