Thursday, June 20, 2013

The reason for existence is Valuable Service


This stock photo has a lot to say, but nothing you couldn't say better with your own life.

Purpose is key to living. I've found that it's one of four elements to any life, any business. This is introduced in "Build Forever Today" - and needs some more examples as I can get back to it.

Purpose isn't self-centered - far from it. Purpose is built on your exchange of a valuable service (a product being a finite exchangeable end-result is still a service.)

Earl Nightingale held (as did Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and others) that a person's income was directly proportional to the amount of valuable service they provided. Nightingale further held that there were "river people," who were always in a "river of interest" as they moved through life. He also mentioned "goals people," who went from one accomplished goal to the next.

In all cases, they arranged their lives to help others and were remunerated by it.

The people you see who are complaining about the One-Percenters simply don't get this concept. They are not making the income they want because they simply don't know, understand, and apply what they need to in order to get through life prosperously. Wealth has always been and always will be held in the hands of those who have trained themselves in how to deliver and exchange valuable service. Those who remain poor have isolated themselves from the very data which would allow them and the people around them to become rich.

For richness, true abundance, lies in helping others to succeed.

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