Tuesday, April 09, 2013

When life is almost perfect - and you've gotten everything everyone else wants...

The usual question you have to ask is: What's Next?

It came to me this am, waking from a dream which prompted a blog post (at 3am) - that I really already had the Three Big Things which almost everyone would give about anything to get:
  1. Happiness
  2. Abundance
  3. Great Relationships
And of course, those together could define Freedom.

(Oh, and add great Health to this list.)

If you've been following this blog (or bought the just-released book based on it) then you already know how to get all three (four) of these for yourself.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm enlightened or anything. And yes, I can still get pissed off and frustrated at times. But those are passing moods - something easily released.

What IS next, then?

Getting everything nearly perfect, which is as simple as letting things be as they are - instead of getting all heavily into improving things.

That's the point which comes back to me over and over. I've already seen both sides of being enlightened - and it's not all that it's hyped to be. Fun, amazing, yes. And I highly recommend everyone to achieve it, at least once. Sure, you can stay there in that state if you want. Many people do. More people don't, anecdotally speaking.

You do have to know that it's just a thought away. It's a real, real, Real thin line to cross. Coming back from that state is just as easy.

I think the most fun is living just this side of it. Much more fun than straddling it. (If you cross over to the other side of it, there's a chance you just go *poof* into some super-evolved being or something.

What I do know is that people who straddle that line and stay in that state have a rough time communicating to anyone else what they are going through. Check out Lester Levenson's stuff. His descriptions of coming back from that state are pretty amazing.

My deal is: I like writing, drawing cartoons, and raising grassfed beef. So being all enlightened doesn't necessarily get anything done. Because everything is perfect all the time, so you mostly sit around being cool and such. Anything you need just shows up. Seriously. You don't have to work at anything - because that's just a game where everyone wins. Enlightened beings just Be - they don't Do anything which anyone not in that state can perceive. Like I said, if they want to have something, it just shows up, so what's the point in having much of anything?

You see how this goes?

All this running around, being sad, having stress, upsetting people - that's just so much time-burning. Bad health, all that. Doesn't have to be.

Up to you.

Thought you deserved to hear this view of things. Check it out for yourself. See what you don't "have" to do today. Could be fun...

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