Monday, May 23, 2011

Relax, it's all alive - and all yours

Of course no one really wants to accept this, however you could practically found your religious beliefs on what is covered here today. But the logic is pretty simple - if you accept the basic tenets. (But I'd suggest you reject this completely until you can prove it to yourself. And be warned: almost no one else will believe you, either.)

1. Your ideas create your reality, so Huna says. As well, there are no limits; we are all connected.

2. Next point is that we are all here with the purpose of getting back to Self. Practically, regardless of what name you use, it's patent that a collective consciousness is already present - just on the basis that we are all connected. It's the created fiction of "individuality" from which stems all problems and imagined conflicts.

3. In this, the world is what you create it to be - so if you weren't here, it would cease to exist. That defines everything in this world and universe as actively put there by you. So it's all alive. All of it. You "cease to exist", everything "ceases to exist".

4. But practically, there isn't anything such as death. There is a rearrangement of forms, but the spirit which animates that body is connected with all others (part of a larger whole), so only the dream "You" are living changes - and that body changes to other mineral combinations in that previous dream. That individuality which you call "Me" doesn't particularly cease - as it's part of "everyone else".

That's as short as this logic goes. If you don't believe in the oldest surviving philosophy on this planet, then fine. If it's not workable for your world view, that's perfectly OK. (Move along then, nothing to see here...)

But this logic also says:

  • Everything, including each thought and idea, is alive.
  • All life continues indefinitely, eternally. 

Arguments for or against specific diets on the basis of saving lives, or lobbying commercials by activist groups trying to save "endangered species" cease being effective. (HSUS as a scam, anyone?)

It does bring farming and gardening back to their high pedestals, since they integrate all forms of life into harmony. And the idea of philosophy and story-telling as some of the highest (re)unions of life-forms, both physical and metaphysical.

Controversy about war become academic only - since "killing" people does what? Gives another non-survival lesson, one of many. While the reasons for war, such as attempted denial of basic "human rights" in terms of the ability to make their own living and improve their life-quality (i.e. interfering through force or threats of same) - all these have the rug cut out from under as well. (How could you "force" an immortal being to give up their rights - except maybe by deception, which they'd still have to decide to buy into...)

Here also is Justice, since people are only affecting themselves when they treat another "individual" poorly. Any attempts at harmful acts will also just come back to the perpetrator - since anyone trying to hurt another is just hurting themselves (and brings the basis to the Golden Rule.) Have the perfectly innocent verifiably pure at heart throw the first stone. Otherwise, have that jury and judge also man the prisons and throw the switch at the execution they order, meanwhile personally paying the restitution they awarded...

And brings the point that the best way to get through life is to constantly treat people even-handedly and look for the win-win solution to every situation. One has to look through the eyes of that "criminal" and see how they are looking at themselves.

Practically, this gives the religious objection to being part of anyone's war - and even participating in destructive government policies of any kind. (The idea of having to have a government is itself built on deception.)

As well, the entire planet becomes your house of worship - since it is all Divine Creation and we are all caretakers of it.

Now, before you get all "dogmatic" about this - these beliefs also include the idea of personal responsibility to solve your own problems and situations. There will never be "laws" or "edicts" or "fatwa's" saying anything at all. Because this belief-system says that people will work out their best solutions "on their own" by tapping into their spiritual inheritance - the commonality of Self.

None of this calls for any organized religion. Rather, it preserves the "ad hoc" quality of living. Obvious, since no idea is truly original, and inspiration is just a meditative moment away for all.

This doesn't mean anyone who takes these ideas as their own will be above local or national law. Rather, they would always interpret what was requested of them against the criteria of benefiting all concerned. And would preclude (usually) sitting in judgement over others. But nothing is set in stone - everything is balanced against optimal life-quality for everyone.

As I said, we're all here to make our way back to Self.

But don't believe me - work it out on your own. Make it yours.

And may you be showered in blessings.

Just Be.

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