Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And was it all a dream?

Just listened to the final video in the set of Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth".

A very stirring 6 videos overall. And I recommend it.

However, Campbell and I disagree at the end point. He of course has me out-ranked in comparative religions. However, the essential point is in whether the importance of individuality is more vital than regaining the One-ness of Self.

His opinion was that the Oneness was a metaphor. He still, in all his studies, considered that humankind was a collection of identities.

My variance is that the identities are the metaphor.

He didn't, to my knowledge, tap into the shamanic studies within Huna. And this is what takes the entire scene right out into the ether.

I've several times told you not to believe anything I've said and I double-down on that now.

Consider me the Trickster in this play. That what I've been telling you is just the opposite of what you should really be understanding and taking as Gospel truth. Perhaps I'm only here to sell books and collect affiliate sales commissions.

Label me a scammer, a fake, a fraud. Consider me the anti-Christ and all I say as lies (including this statement.)

Make up your own mind. Follow the leads of hermits everywhere and venture into the wilderness where you can detach from "normal" or "average" thought programs - just to find your own way.

At the "end", it will be "you and you alone" who has to make your peace - or not.

For all we know, the highest purpose humankind can attain is sitting in front of the boob-tube every night, beverage of choice in hand, having just put in some more hours for "The Man". And on the weekend (if we don't have to put in overtime), we can take our boat down to the lake and sit in another chair with more beverages, and look out at nothing - or watch sports on another portable screen.

Perhaps that is all there is to life.

Consider me the Trickster - and your parents and teachers and authorities as all telling the absolute truth, and always have...

For me, I'm quitting this scene and handing it all over to you. I've got cartoons to draw and cattle to raise. Both of which make mockery of the seriousness we humans make of our lives. That's just my choice.

I still wish you the best, whatever you choose.

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