Monday, May 02, 2011

4 solutions for every problem

The shamanic approach gives you 4 solutions for every problem you face.

Again, these are:
  • Objective - or Scientific, how did this occur - what caused this?
  • Subjective - what does this have to do with me - how till this affect me?
  • Symbolic - what does this mean, what does this stand for?
  • Holistic - how does this fit into the whole?
It's no longer just one approach - Science, as usual, doesn't have all he answers. You are no longer just stuck into your own emotional or analytical response for your solution.

The world around us has stuck us into the dominant mentality of either/or. Either you get "rational" about it or "go with your gut" and leap into your emotional response. And don't think this gives you two choices. All your "emotions" are explained with what - science. Psychology, and all sorts of -ism's and -ology's explain all that you could possibly do or want to do.

The more you study these studies, he more you supposedly can "act rationally" or justify your reactions.

However, you're missing out on 3 other possible solution scenarios.

While we all use our practical skills, the next level up is being able to use our psychic skills, such as direct communication on a telepathic or other similar level.

Next would be processing the dream world of everything concerned. That all the world is a dream you wake to. Everything has it's dream and you are part of those dreams just as those others are elements in your dream.

The top level is that all this is part of you - you create the world around you directly.

And those four levels simply are unnecessary when you become Self in the fullest understanding.

Now, you don't have to follow this sequence, but can jump back and forth through all these levels. You can ask for inspiration of which approach would be the best for all concerned - then act on that answer.

I found a more detailed explanation of this at Paul Waters' site.

- - - -

Of course, you don't have to believe any of this. And you can live your life as "normal" as you can. On the other hand, you may find that this is a very interesting and new way to live a life. It could also give you remarkable insights into the world around you.

The best word which comes to mind is that of "mystic", which means both "adept" and "initiate".

- - - -

My own take on this is that the entirety of the physical universe is perhaps just an arbitrary creation we put in place to keep us separate from Self. This is for whatever purpose we created. The route back to Self is to simply take increasing responsibility for everything that is "out there" and make it our own, as it always has been.

To the exact degree that we do this - take responsibility and ownership for everything and everyone out there - that is where are are at on our own Freedom Scale.

Good Hunting!

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