Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to multi-tasking, coincident analysis

TetrahedronBoy, I really hit you guys with some thick stuff, don’t I. Well, this all goes back to my old “tetrads” from “Go Thunk Yourself, Again!”

The idea is that when you learn to think with four interrelated and interactive analysis factors, you are able to achieve a much more insightful and productive outcome. (Comes from older Buckminster Fuller parallels.)

Now, what brought this all up was noticing an old line of analysis I’ve been using for some time and hadn’t noted the tetradic connection.

In Huna, specifically Serge King’s “Mastering Your Hidden Self”, he mentions that there are four ways available to the shaman – objective, subjective, symbolic, and holistic.

  • Objective – how did this happen?
  • Subjective – why is this happening to me?
  • Symbolic – what does this all mean?
  • Holistic – how does this fit together?

In tetradic analysis, one simply sees that by solving any particular one, all the rest are improved/strengthened at the same time.

So when you improve your objective understanding, you also improve your subjective, symbolic, and holistic understanding at the same time. And so on.

There is a value for each tetrad, a sort of conceptual understanding of the whole, which has its own worth. As you pursue using these four ways on an interactive basis, all life becomes far more simpler. Other mysteries begin to solve for you.

And in this book, I laid out that this becomes a sort of “universal solvent”.  Nothing stands in its road as insolvable.

Obviously, then, if you are working as a shaman this then gives you an incredible, possibly unlimited understanding of this entire universe within each exact moment of Now.

Yes, it’s a real rush.

Try it and see.

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