Thursday, April 02, 2009

The funny philosophy of happiness - it was exactly where you needed to look for it all the time

Fascinated with how things are coming together recently.

Things you are looking for truly and always show up exactly where you needed to look for them.

This image is one. Of course, it's a search on Flickr for pictures of "happiness" - and I get this fascinating image which the center of attention is on that beautiful glowing tree. But what you don't particularly notice right off is that there are several other trees n this photo. And you find them when you look for them. That's right where they are - where you needed to look.

Of course, that's a simple explanation.

But let's go over supposedly immutable laws. Like the Bell Curve - states that any distribution of data has about 3% actually making an incredible success of themselves and somewhere around 95 % just muddling along. (With 3-5% being criminals who commit most of our crimes, and around 10-15% being "poor" that the media love to trumpet about.)

If you check around, this bell curve shows up just about everywhere.

But you and I know that the rich are there because they changed their minds. Another way to look at this is that they started looking where they needed to look in order to find what they wanted.

Of course, that phrase says "wanted" comes before "look".

My own example in this is somehow following this inspired idea to get a refund back from a company I was scammed by. Sure, I can make it work to pay off these thousands of dollars that I really got nothing out of. But that idea of "inspired" was a new thought. I was born a Scorpio and so have worked with this heritage for a long time. It means that I'm wired to be incredibly dedicated to whatever or whoever I attach to - it also has the flip side of bringing new meaning to "hell hath no fury" when scorned.

So when I get this nagging idea to get a refund by using all the tools I already have at my disposal, I then get a bit leary about it. But testing my intuition, the thought came back, "Go ahead, it will be okay - everything will turn out fine."

Yesterday, I got my first live phone call from that company - and I hadn't actually sent them any email directly for probably months. Now the guy was pretty nice about his stonewalling. And we left the conversation on more or less even terms. Afterwards, even three blog-posts later, I was still a bit ticked off and unsettled.

Sleeping on it gave new answers to that problem. And of course, I was looking in all the wrong places for my solution.

I've said many times that your purpose is what makes you happiest. And have quoted Earl Nightingale in his "Strangest Secret", who says that what you are looking for as a chronic attitude is one of "calm, cheerful expectancy."

The kicker in this is that you can use this feeling as an indicator of what you are doing in life. If you feel this way, then everything is going along fine. If you are intense, upset, or otherwise off-beam and away from this attitude, then you are looking in the wrong place.

All this work in refunds from Internet scammers can lead you through some of the most intense negative emotions that exist. (Follow that link for the graphic - it's a hoot.)

That's the point to living - having fun at things. Sure, there is Justice and there is necessary discipline to keep things on an even keel. Those who follow the route of evil simply have to have more structure installed in their lives. Training a pet is one of these. (I've gotten my dogs to get along with my cattle and vice-versa, as long as I'm right there near both of them.)

Again, that result is because I'm looking where I need to. If you want natural antagonists getting along with each other, then you have to look for that as a result. Figuring that they are always going to be this way or that way - of course gets that result.

That's why I love working on my farm. My dad worked his cattle like most people and so had to build up high fences to keep them from jumping out. I've studied books on this and found out that if you simply work slowly (and hand feed them a lot), the cattle will go just about anywhere you want them to - calmly, quietly, with little fuss. And when I get around to it, I've got a heckuva lot of building materials I can re-use somewhere else...

Back to this telemarketer scam refund business. To make short of it (so you don't have to get an education in internet marketing here), there are marketing keywords which I haven't used, but are enlightening. One of these is "funny things to say to telemarketers". This has far more people looking for it with a lot less competition than keywords like "stop telemarketers" or "Internet scams".

And that would get me back to battery, wouldn't it. Make fun of the silly people who rip others off for greed. Too simple.

Where's my refund? It's right where I needed to look for it all the time. Use the "old" tools I've learned from these old books I talk about all the time. Atkinson, Napoleon Hill, Haanel - right up to more modern authors like Nightingale and even "The Secret" and Jose Silva. You just calm down, relax, think the thought of what you most want - and release it for the Universe to manifest.

Wherever you need to look, it will show up there.

Too simple.

But that's the way this Universe is actually set up. That Bell Curve above just shows how many people aren't looking where they need to - if they did, they'd find it a very simple existence.

(And, not so oddly, this gives me a whole new approach to Internet Marketing...)


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