Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeing your future by looking at Now - marketing meets the metaphysical

When you look, you see.

But what you're looking for makes all the difference.

Ran into an interesting datum yesterday - actually, I was told about it from one of my dreams (you know, when you wake up from a nap with an inspired thought... happens to most all of us.)

There's this datum which is repeated in many, many places on the Internet - that 95 percent of all your thoughts and actions are guided by the subconscious.

Now this runs right into what I've been studying with Cialdini's "Influence".

The interesting part is that you can turn this completely around and start influencing the influencer. While I don't have time to go into the technical details of it, just listen to this train of thought:
  • All knowledge is recorded and available in the mind.
  • All minds are linked.
  • Prayer/Meditation can place a definite thought in this Universal mind - and so communicate across any distance instantaneously (proved by the results of many, many studies - and most people believe it, anyway - through personal experience).
  • By seeking out the common ideas people have, you can then help them find their own bliss and align this to their own lives.
  • People who seek violent ends are an extreme minority and are shunned - they are self- as well as other-destructive.
  • The vast bulk of humankind is interested in prosperity and peace in the world around them.
  • It would only take about 3 percent of humanity to actually move the bulk over to a new state - as happens daily (it's just not coordinated).
  • Getting 3 percent of this planet enlightened and praying/meditating daily for world peace would move the world almost permanently into that state.
Going to have to leave this as a simple, enigmatic note at this point. The basics of it, and proving the rationale behind it, can all be found on the 'Net. But if you want to read how this is possible, check out Hill's "'Law of Success", Collier's "Secret of the Ages", Holmes' "Science of Mind", Haanel's "Master Key System", and study up on Larson and Fillmore.

[Got to run - come back to this later with links.]

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