Sunday, March 15, 2009

The haves and have-nots - how two worlds live together simultaneously

There are two worlds living together simultaneously,
but only one knows the other exists.

These are not the worlds of have and have-not, but probably they align pretty well that way. Some of those who know about the two worlds simply wish to live in relative obscurity rather than living in fantastic opulence - while the other world around them burns.

Some know the universe can be easily changed, and the rest figure that they have to go along with what's presented.

Nightingale, Hill, Holmes, Haanel, Troward, Carnegie, Emerson, Eddy - all these authors and more found out that there was a completely separate world right at their finger-tips. All they had to do was start thinking different. You'll find in most of these writers above that they did exhaustive/exhausting research to determine what was actually going on in the world around them.

And if you look up the thinkers who made incredible amounts of money through these methods, you'll see they have become philanthropists the rest of their lives - Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Gates, plus many, many others.

So we have our Matrix red pill/blue pill choice.

Start by turning off your TV and start thinking for yourself.

Your future can be whatever you have always dreamed it as - and make those dreams become real and actual in the world around you.

But you have to start thinking for yourself.

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