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Your brain as an antenna - how to get more new business ideas

1st topic: How to Speed up Your General Abilities

Just found an (old) MP3 on my hard-drive (from God-Only-Knows-Where) from February 2003 - where George Noory is talking to Neil Slade about people being able to use their brain more - to speed up their general abilities.

Now, the topics are familiar ones to anyone who's dissected "The Secret" DVD, and also recent stuff by Gregg Braden;
  • good feelings are more effective
  • trying to hurt others will only destroy yourself
  • we are tending to live inside (or inside us) a larger creative field - some call this "God", among other names
  • there are no real limits to personal abilities
I tie in my new business ideas video above, so that you can learn and access these abilities for yourself. My book on genius pulls all these older authors together so you can find out for yourself all this data on genius - from people who were, were successful, and wrote about it.

But the subject today is the brain. There are so many, many theories about the brain - all derived from these mechanistics-only scientists who were trained to drop the spirit/soul out of all equations. Braden starts to bring these back in, as do many quantum physicists (such as those quoted on "The Secret" DVD and as well on "What the (Bleep) do we know". )

When Slade is talking about "turning on the brain", I go back to an earlier genius - Napoleon Hill. He has a section in his "Think and Grow Rich" where he talks about the brain as an antenna - sending AND receiving.

So when you work to "turn on your brain", you are essentially just tuning your antenna. So far, so good.

Now, how about these guys who are experimenting with physically stimulating the brain with electrical signals? Is that so different than Slade telling you to imagine a feather tickling your frontal lobe in various sections? One is external, mechanical - the other metaphysical, and under your own control.

Meaning that these "potential cures" for Alzheimer's and various other "mental" ills are more the realm of the metaphysician than the physician/scientist. (And by the same logic, says that chemical pills to handle these ills do more harm than good - since they only mask the real problem, that the person's antenna is shutting down.

The simple solution - train that person to re-energize their antenna and become the bright, alert genius they've always been able to be...

Second topic today:

By extension, the rest of the nerves in the body are also sending and receiving antennae.

Let that one sink in for awhile. But let's look at it. How about those people who get upset when someone is staring or "glaring" at them. You can get someone's attention by simply looking in their direction some times, or staring at them. People think staring is rude - why? Because perhaps they don't want that communication from you...

Now that would make sense, as the eyes are very close to the brain - and so, could possibly share in the brain's co-function of both receiving and transmitting.

But how about this "laying on of hands" as the Biblical phrases go? And you've heard some miracles (read: unexplained, but verified factual occurrences) where people have healed, revived, or killed with a touch. Could the nerves through those hands be able to transmit messages just as the brain is able to use telepathy? Certainly, it would explain how some healers are able to work, both diagnosing and curing though physical contact.

If eyes and hands are transmitters as well as receivers, then it's probable that any other parts of the body would act in that fashion as well - and perhaps just proximity. There is that story from the Bible where the lady is cured just by touching the hem of Jesus' robe...

Of course, this doesn't not negate healing at a distance, or the tribal dances wherein shaman would produce cures in the person before them. But you've got to ask - why would there be a particular problem with distance? Why would we note some to be more effective in person than far away?

3rd topic: The limits to ability - or not

The probable solution would lie in their beliefs, as well as those of the observer. Again, we come back to the point that the only real limits to improving ability are self-created. It is only condemning thought that is able to draw back any thought around one. People who are critical have this demon constantly around them.

Because the world recognizes only a few laws in all the scriptures and philosophies on this planet. One of these is the Golden Rule - meaning that you get as good as you give. So if you consider yourself separate from those around you, and think poorly of some of them, then you will indeed remain separate from everyone around you and they will think poorly of you. And no one has died more alone than those who are critical of others.

And those who lived their lives in the service of others had the world mourning them on their passing.

But those who were asked on their deathbed about this have said uniformly that they weren't leaving at all, since they lived on in the hearts and minds of those they had been able to help.

Back to our pragmatic use of this principle: stay connected with those around you and constantly work for their benefit - and then you will benefit. Earl Nightingale outlined this in his "Strangest Secret" gold recording:

"The only way to earn money is in providing people with services and products which are needed and useful. We exchange our time and our product or service for the others' money. Therefore the law is that our financial return will be in direct proportion to our service."

And that holds true in every venture you or I or our friends set out on, not just in making money, but gaining trust, winning confidence (or love) - all these depend on your initiating action in order to recieve re-action. Newton's law doesn't just touch or explain gravity or physics. It has philosophical and metaphysical applications and explanations as well.

These are based on a greater law, that Golden Rule above. You only get out of life what you put into it.

If any, that explains the limits to any ability a person would have. They are all self-created by our own lack of action. It's too easy getting inspiration. It's more difficult to act on these and create what your vision laid out for you. Edison was quoted as saying that "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration."

4th topic: freedom of thought and success

And it's probable that the success of the United States is due to its peoples holding that ingenuity and their thoughts were their own property - to use or disregard as they wished. In earlier times, all people were subject to a single monarch. And that monarch claimed Divine heredity and so could do whatever he/she wanted. Now, some very smart people in England made old King John sign the Magna Carta, which said people had property rights, too - and that one of these rights was to their own body, that they couldn't be enslaved willy-nilly.

So this developed and later on, we started getting some free thinkers in Locke and others, and these people started giving us some pretty heady topics to consider. Those Founding Fathers took these guys seriously and started a great experiment. They founded a new country with a constitution that said "the pursuit of happiness" was one of the goals of any human in these United States. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." No nation before or since has included those exact phrases in their written constitution, as a guarantee for their peoples.

We then developed this amazing country that didn't have to take "no" for any answer to a problem. We got this whole set of resources out in front of us, and made our mistakes (like first in ripping it off from the native Amerindians) and solved the problems of cobbling together a new state without anyone holding our hands. And in this, we've paid our dues, more or less.

But the point I would make here is that we have built a community where we support each others' free thought and free actions. If you upset enough people, they'll take it out by limiting your freedoms. Otherwise, you're pretty much able to do anything you want, to think anyway you want.

And with enough people all sharing this idea, they applauded and bought the best ideas - just as they do today. We don't have some fanatic ideologues telling us that there is only one way to do anything and that there is only one set of thoughts to believe. We are even so confident in this freedom of ours that we would go and sacrifice our blood, money - our lives - so that others can have this freedom. The United States has done this over and over and over and is doing it today.

Sure, we might squabble over how it's being done, or whether it's worth it, but not whether that person on the other side of the planet has that particular right.

Because of that particular atmosphere, we then are able to invent anything at all in this great land of ours. We are able to harbor an atmosphere, a community esprit, where getting inspired is highly rated. Being a genius is rewarded and encouraged.

So it is no wonder that in this country we can out-invent and become more efficient than any other country on the planet.

And that is our greatest defense - not all our ingenious weaponry or efficient ships or dedicated, highly trained, non-goose-stepping military forces.

We can't be conquered because we consider that we can "think" our way out of any situation. And we've never been wrong. The only war we "lost" was due to our own choice - we pulled out of Vietnam, the enemy didn't chase us out.

So our ideas are being emulated all over the world. People want to look Western. People resent "Western influence". Two sides of the same coin. But they all want the freedom to make a better living for themselves, so willingly or begrudgingly, people want what the U.S. offers - freedom of business, freedom to succeed, freedom of thought.

In that, we then create the ability for all people on this planet - every single person - to get that better life, to evolve to higher states.

So our minds reach further than our own bodies, than our own brain. They influence history and help create a world community where everyone has inalienable personal rights - the chief among these is the right to evolve, to improve that life anyway one wants to.

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