Thursday, February 28, 2008

The link between Self, Your Passion, Your Bliss, and the Stories you weave and follow

What is your Passion, your Bliss, your Purpose?

One and the same thing - whatever makes you happiest.

What do the stories in your life, and those which are interesting to you have to do with these?

They tell you what you honestly think about yourself, how you view the world, what place you want to make it into.

This is going to be a short post, although I could go on for hours listing examples and quoting authors to make my case.

You already know it to be true.

And that's why you found this post.

You may pray daily, or meditate, or simply go on long walks in the woods to "settle your mind". Or it's listening to classical music (or pop, rock, whatever).

The next time you go there - wherever 'there' is - ask the question you've been wanting to ask for so long.

And then simply do whatever it is that you've been confirmed is your passion, your bliss, your purpose in this life...

Simple do it.

The world, the whole world, will be better for it.

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